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World News in English. Mashed: Vanity Fair.Celebrity.Lifestyle.Money..

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World News in English. Mashed: Vanity Fair. Celebrity. Lifestyle.Money


World News in English.
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You Won't See Prince Harry and Meghan Markle at Prince Charles' Huge 70th Birthday Party

Being a royal couple certainly has its logistical difficulties, but one of the trickiest elements of Meghan Markle and Prince Harrys new married life as the Duke and Duchess of Sussex must surely be juggling their social events calendar. While the rest of us struggle to remember when weve arranged to have a movie night, theyre making different public appearances across the world every other day.

So its no huge surprise to hear that Meghan and Harry have awkwardly double-booked themselves for two fairly major events, and now wont be able to attend Prince Charles huge 70th birthday party, taking place on October 25.

As Vanity Fair noted, Charles (with some help from wife Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall), is throwing a special concert and dinner at Buckingham Palace to mark his milestone age, with a party three works before his actual birthday, November 14. Unfortunately, son Prince Harry and wife Meghan wont be RSVPing a yes for the event, as theyll inconveniently be on the other side of the world. The party has been planned for the same time that the couple embark on their first royal tour, and theyre actually scheduled to be in Nadi, Fiji and Nukualofa, Tonga on Thursday 25 October. Potentially a little far to fly back for your dads concert.

Luckily, Meghan and Harry neednt feel too guilty about missing Charles celebrations, as they will be back in the UK for his actual birthday. Plus, shortly after their wedding, the couple made sure to delay their honeymoon plans in order to attend a garden party held in the Duke of Wales honor, which surely banked them a few bonus points.

Its going to be a very special night and Charles is very much looking forward to it, a source told Vanity Fair. Harry and Meghan cant be there because they will be overseas. Its why they were so keen to be at the garden party for Charles back in May.

While the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are otherwise occupied, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will be in attendance for the party, with Kate Middleton due to return to her royal work from maternity leave next month. The rest of the invitations were reportedly sent out last week to the close friends and family of Prince Charles, and guests can look forward to an evening of music, opera, ballet and Shakespearean drama.

Hmm, Shakespearan drama with the fam, or a trip to Tonga? Decisions, decisions




Queen Elizabeth I is considered to be one of the greatest monarchs (kings or queens) in England's history. Loved by many and feared by others, Elizabeth ruled England for 44 years. During her reign, she oversaw the defeat of the mighty Spanish Armada and helped England become a strong and independent nation. Her power and intelligence, along with the fact that she never married, caused some to even question whether she was in fact a man, and not a woman.

Elizabeth I was the daughter of Anne Boleyn, the second of six wives of King Henry VIII of England.

Elizabeth I was Queen of England for 45 years during the late 1500s. Her nickname was the Virgin Queen.

The Queen was highly-intelligent and fluent in six different languages. Despite countless marriage offers, Queen Elizabeth never took a husband. She was the equal of any King and claimed she was married to her kingdom.

It has strangely been suggested that Queen Elizabeth was a man.

Many people would dismiss such a theory as sexist twaddle. Not according to author Bram Stoker. The man who wrote Dracula in 1897 first stumbled across the theory in the village of Bisley, England. Every May Day, their village May Queen dresses as a boy in Elizabethan clothing.

Stoker decided to investigate the curious tradition further. The villagers believe a young Elizabeth was sent to Bisley in 1543 to avoid the plague. One day Henry VIII planned to visit his child and then disaster struck.

According to the theory, Elizabeth became sick and died. Fearing the Kings reaction, Elizabeths Governess took matters into her own hands. She looked high and low for a girl of Elizabeths age to replace her. She could find no girls, but there was a boy who strongly resembled Elizabeth.

The boy was quickly dressed in Elizabeths clothes before King Henrys arrival. To everyones surprise, the plan went off without a hitch. Perhaps because Elizabeth was notoriously shy around the king, he did not notice anything different about her.

The few people who knew about the deception faced a problem. If the King ever found out, it would cost them their lives.

They decided the truth was best buried. The real Elizabeth was hidden in a stone coffin and a small boy was condemned to live a terrible lie.

Over 300 years later, the body of a young girl in Elizabethan dress was found in Bisley. It was accidentally discovered during building work.

Stoker firmly believed that buried girl was Elizabeth and the later Queen Elizabeth was actually a man. His theory didnt stop with the story he found in Bisley.

Queen Elizabeth refused to conform to the expectations of what a woman should be. She was subservient to no man and ruled with an iron will.

Her rousing speech to the troops at Tilbury before defeating the Spanish Armada in 1588 is a shining example.

Elizabeth declared, I know I have the body of a weak, feeble woman, but I have the heart and stomach of a king.

Elizabeths tutor Roger Ascham declared her too clever to be a woman. He wrote, The constitution of her mind is exempt from female weakness.

Was Queen Elizabeth a man? Or is it sexist hogwash?

The age in which Elizabeth lived expected women to know their place. It also expected them to marry and bear children. Elizabeth did neither.

Queen Elizabeth I continues to enjoy a cast iron reputation as a fair and popular ruler. Under her rule, the arts and science blossomed and England knew a longstanding peace. She became the most powerful woman in the country. Yet she was still subject to gender stereotypes.


a name given to a person other than his or her real name
foolish speech
take matters into ones own hands
deal with a problem yourself because others have failed to do so
high and low
go off without a hitch
work well
iron will
strong determination
know ones place
behave in a subservient manner
cast iron
very strong
grow in a promising way
fixed beliefs on how people should look and behave



Gothic Tower Dress

Film- Moulin Rouge.
Nicole Kidman shows us how its done so effortlessly- extravagance that is.

A Gift of Jewels, a girls best friend. Chasing Harry Winston!

Nicole Kidman and Richard Roxburgh in "Moulin Rouge!" (2001)
Necklace contained 1,308 diamonds with an estimated value of 1 million dollars.
Designed by Stefano Canturi.



Prince Harry's Friends Reportedly Have an "Issue" with Meghan Markle
InStyle Isabel Jones

Though were universally enamored with Meghan Markle stateside (give or take a few brash family members), it seems the actress-turned-duchess is not quite as beloved among a certain British subset: Prince Harrys friends.

Harrys pals, among them billionaire heirs and avid hunters, reportedly have an issue with the Duke of Sussexs new wife and her political views.

According to writer and royal family friend Lady Colin Campbell, Markles politics are an issue for the Princes inner circle. She is ultra-liberal and that trendy-lefty stuff does not go down well with some of Harrys friends, Campbell told The Daily Beast. He has introduced her to them all at parties and weddings and private dinners, but she is very anti- a lot of the things that their world functions upon, such as shooting.

This may be a good time to recall that Harry is (or perhaps was) an accomplished marksman a fact that has stirred much controversy through the years. However, the prince reportedly chose to forego the annual Boxing Day shoot at Sandringham last December at the request of his animal rights activist fiancée. That being said, he went on a hunting trip in Germany earlier that same month, reportedly killing 15 wild boars.



Meghan Markle's charity cookbook tops Amazon's best sellers list

The Duchess has written the foreword to the book (Jenny Zarins)

The Duchess of Sussexs first charity project as a member of the royal family was announced by Kensington Palace this week.

Meghan is supporting the Together: Our Community Cookbook, with recipes from the women of the Hubb Community Kitchen, an initiative which helps those affected by the Grenfell Tower fire.

And now the book has topped Amazon UKs best sellers ahead of its release on 20 September, knocking Robert Galbraith off the top spot Harry Potter author J.K. Rowlings male pseudonym.

The Duchess, who has been making private visits to the community kitchen since January, has written a touching foreword for the publication.

Together has topped Amazon Best Sellers (Amazon.co.uk)

In it, she writes:

I immediately felt connected to this community kitchen; it is a place for women to laugh, grieve, cry and cook together.

Melding cultural identities under a shared roof, it creates a space to feel a sense of normalcy in its simplest form, the universal need to connect, nurture, and commune through food, through crisis or joy something we can all relate to

Through this charitable endeavour, the proceeds will allow the kitchen to thrive and keep the global spirit of community alive.

Tomorrow, Meghan will host a celebratory event at Kensington Palace to mark the launch of Together, alongside the women of the Hubb Community Kitchen.

Together: Our Community Cookbook (Ebury Press, £9.99) is on sale in the UK from Thursday 20 September, 2018. Photography by Jenny Zarins.



How Meghan Markle's Mom Is Stepping into Royal Life While Kate's Mom Stays Behind the Scenes

Meghan Markle has already been the subject of many royal firsts, but she added another to her growing list on Thursday: bringing her mother, Doria Ragland, to her first royal hosting event.
Doria joined Prince Harry in accompanying Meghan to Kensington Palace for a celebration marking the publication of Together: Our Community Cookbook, which the Duchess of Sussex helped create to benefit those affected by the Grenfell Tower fire tragedy. Doria met members of the Hubb Community Kitchen and beamed as Meghan spoke about how the women welcomed her.

Doria told guests she was head over heels about her daughters accomplishment.

Although Meghan has only been married to Harry for a few months, shes already changing things up by bringing her mother into her royal life.

Kate Middletons mom, Carole Middleton, has stayed mostly behind the scenes. While its common to see her at major events such as Meghan and Harrys royal wedding in May and her grandson Prince Louis christening in July, she has never joined her daughter and son-in-law, Prince William, on official business.

Of course, thats not to say that Carole hasnt been embraced by the royal family. In 2016, Kates family got to experience a favorite spot: the Scottish estate Balmoral Castle. Queen Elizabeth was spotted behind the wheel of her Range Rover as she chauffeured Carole from a picnic during a late summer getaway to the highlands hideaway. The families enjoyed one of their favorite pastimes, a country shoot.

In many ways, the two royal mothers-in-law are very similar. Both are fitness fanatics Carole is a tennis fan, often seen cheering on athletes at Wimbledon, while Doria has worked as a yoga instructor in Los Angeles and ran the L.A. Marathon and both share a close bond with their daughters.

Of course, both also share that their families were thrust into the spotlight due to their daughters relationships.

One area where the two women differ? Their style!

Carole and Kate sometimes borrow from each others closets, especially in the hat department! Carole is a big fan of designer Catherine Walker & Co., choosing her outfits for both daughter Pippa Middletons wedding last year as well as Meghan and Harrys nuptials in May.

Meanwhile, Doria often shows off her boho chic fashion sense. For Thursdays event, she went with a head-to-toe beige ensemble, topping a pair of slacks and top with a shall slung over her shoulders.

Like Carole and Kate, Dorias style has influenced her daughter.

I think as you get older you feel more confident and you dont need to put that much effort in to be able to throw your hair up in that very French way doing things Meghan told Glamour in 2017. If your outfit is on point, one thing has to be off for you to look perfect.



What Tiara Will Princess Eugenie Wear on Her Wedding Day?

Princess Eugenie's much-anticipated wedding to Jack Brooksbank is only a few weeks away, and many royal fans are wondering what gorgeous tiara the princess will accessorize with on her big day. Even though Eugenie is royal by blood, this will be the first time she's able to wear a tiara due to strict protocol that prevents royal women from wearing the headpiece until they're married.

Both Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle were lent tiaras from the Queen for their special day, but that's because they didn't have anyone else to pass it down to them. Eugenie, however, has the option of borrowing something from her own mother Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York's collection.

In case you haven't studied the Windsor family tree, Princess Eugenie is the daughter of Prince Andrew-the third child of Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip-and his ex-wife, Sarah Ferguson. On her wedding day in 1986, Sarah wore a classic diamond tiara known as "The York Tiara." The bride caused a bit of an uproar, though. When she first started down the aisle, royal watchers thought she wasn't wearing a tiara (for the record she was, it was just covered by a flower crown). She removed the flowers after she said "I do," and everyone calmed down, naturally.

According to Express, the Queen personally commissioned Sarah's leaf-motif sparkler, which the Duchess has worn on multiple occasions since her wedding. Tiara expert Grant Mobley told the outlet that the tiara is made entirely out of diamonds set in platinum with floral scrollwork and a large diamond of around five carats sitting on top."

He continues, "The value of such a piece is not easy to calculate without knowing details about the diamond sizes, qualities, and also the weight of the platinum. That being said, with the value of a top-quality five-carat stone like this tiara topper, combined with the platinum and other diamonds, the value of this tiara would easily be more than $300,000 USD today."

While it would be sweet and traditional to select jewels passed down from her mother, Eugenie might want to go in a completely different direction and wear a tiara that reflects her modern approach to royal life, like having plastic-free nuptials and a festival-themed wedding weekend.

After all, nothing would be surprising considering everyone thought that Meghan Markle would wear the Strathmore Rose tiara during her wedding to Prince Harry. Instead, she wore Queen Mary's Sapphire Bandeau-straight from the Queen's vault.



Pregnant Pippa Middleton Shows Off Burgeoning Baby Bump After Workout Class


Aint no big, cozy coat able to hide Pippa Middletons baby bump!

The brunette beauty and her burgeoning baby belly were snapped out and about in London, U.K., on Tuesday.

Wearing a warm blue coat and white sneakers, the 35-year-old Brit had just completed a dance-heavy fitness class, according to US Weekly. Yet, she still managed to look effortlessly glam!

Pippa seemed happy and was smiling, an eyewitness told the magazine. She has been keeping fit with ballet training.

Since announcing her pregnancy with husband James Matthew in June, Middleton has shared her ballet adventures in her column for U.K. grocery store site Waitrose.

I feel far from a ballerina, but Im equally determined not to break into a penguin-style waddle and plod around with bad posture, she shared. So, with this in mind, Ive continued to embrace barre-inspired workouts throughout pregnancy; a form of exercise taken from ballet which involves the small, isolated movements that develop flattering muscle tone. Its hugely beneficial in elongating, strengthening and protecting the back and spine plus engaging the lower body (hips, abs, buttocks and particularly the legs.)

Its excellent for pregnant women in all trimesters as you mostly rely on your body weight, so it means little impact for your joints and is generally low risk, she continued.


In another column, Kate Middleton's sister also talked about how much she was enjoying swimming as a pregnancy workout, particularly the wonderful feeling of weightlessness.

"As the months pass, you feel heavier by the day, but being in water gives that floating, light-as-air feeling that soothes and relieves the body, counteracts increased back strain and stretches the legs from the growing bump, she wrote. Its non-impact, gentle and relaxing."









Royal family tree: Where Princess Eugenie fits into the line of succession to the British throne

Princess Eugenie will marry Jack Brooksbank on October 12 in what will be the second royal wedding of 2018. It will take place in St George's Chapel, Windsor, where the wedding of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex took place earlier this year.

Princess Eugenie, the younger sister of Princess Beatrice, is the daughter of Prince Andrew - but where do the three fit in the line of succession to the British throne?

Most family members moved down a place in April following the birth of Prince Louis, whose arrival made history when he slotted fifth-in-line to the throne.

The birth of Prince William and his wife Kate's third child means the new line of succession will see the new Prince of Cambridge follow the Prince of Wales, Duke of Cambridge, Prince George and Princess Charlotte.

Historically, Princess Charlotte would have lost her spot to her younger brother, but new legislation introduced in 2013 overhauled the order of succession.

Prince Harry now sits in sixth place, while Prince Andrew was pushed down to seventh-in-line, meaning he will not have to ask his mother's permission if he wanted to re-marry.

According to the new legislation, the first six people in the line of succession must obtain the Queen's permission to marry.

Previously, under a law dating back to 1772, all descendants of George II had to seek the monarch's permission.

As the line changes with birth, it also changes with death. Should any senior royal in line to the throne lose their life, those beneath them move up.
The line of succession

The Queen, who is 92 years old, is Britain's longest reigning monarch and has ruled over us for 65 years.

As the child of a royal "spare," the Queen, was thought unlikely to reign until her uncle, King Edward VIII, abdicated in favour of her father in 1936, whereupon he became King George VI and she the heir to the throne.

Elizabeth became Queen upon his death on February 6 1952. But what happens when she dies and who will replace her? Here's the line of succession as it stands today.

1. The Prince of Wales

Heir to the throne and the next king of the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth Realms. The Prince of Wales, who turns 70 in November, already holds the record for the longest-serving heir apparent in British history, having been in the position since 1952. He will also be the oldest person to be crowned in British history when he eventually succeeds the Queen.

2. The Duke of Cambridge

As the eldest son of the heir, the Duke of Cambridge will one day succeed his father the Prince of Wales. At the age of 36, he may have 30 or so years to wait, if his father enjoys the longevity of other members of the Royal family.

3. Prince George

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's first-born son, five, will one day be King George VII, meaning that anyone alive today is unlikely to see another Queen on the throne in their lifetime once Elizabeth II's reign is over.

4. Princess Charlotte

Prince George's three year-old sister is the "spare to the heir", and will face the same problems as Prince Harry and the Duke of York in trying to find the right role for themselves during a lifetime constrained by their royal title. She would only become queen if Prince George predeceased her without having any living children.

Changes in the laws of succession in 2013 mean the sex of the baby will be irrelevant to his or her place in the succession. Princess Charlotte is the first royal princess to be born within the direct line of succession since the Princess Royal in 1950, and is likely to one day inherit the title, which is traditionally given to the oldest daughter of the monarch.

5. Prince Louis

The birth of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's third child changes the line of succession again: Prince George and Princess Charlotte's new baby brother is now fifth in line to the throne, bumping uncle Harry out of the top five and into sixth place.

6. The Duke of Sussex

The all-action Prince Harry, 34, has spent most of his life being the third in line to the throne, behind his brother Prince William, but has now found himself being bumped down a place to sixth. His first-born child would become seventh in line to the throne, behind their father but only if the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have no more children.

7. The Duke of York

Once second in line to the throne, Prince Andrew, 58, is now so far down the list that he is no longer part of the "core" Royal family that will share the burden of official engagements in the future. His daughters, Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie, are no longer entitled to police bodyguards, which now have to be funded by Prince Andrew.

8. Princess Beatrice

Princess Beatrice has struggled with the problem of how to combine a royal title with a need to find work. After quitting her £20,000-a-year job with Sony Entertainment Pictures in 2014, she treated herself to four holidays in the space of a little over a month.

The 30 year-old, who was the first member of the Royal Family to run a marathon in 2010, is now pursuing a business career five years after graduating in history and the history of ideas at Goldsmiths College, London, as well as continuing with charity work. She and her long-term former boyfriend Dave Clark called time on their 10 year relationship in summer 2016.

9. Princess Eugenie

The Duke of York's younger daughter, who is 28, moved to New York to work as an auctions manager in 2014 after taking a degree in English Literature and History of Art at Newcastle University. In 2015, she started working for Hauser and Wirth art gallery in London as an associate director.

10. The Earl of Wessex

Having failed to complete his Royal Marines commando training, the Earl, 54, became a case study in the pitfalls of trying to earn a living when your mother is the Queen.

He organised the cringe-making Grand Knockout Tournament (better known as It's a Royal Knockout) in 1987, then carried on with his TV production career, but incurred the fury of his brother the Prince of Wales when a camera crew employed by him unwittingly broke the terms of an agreement to leave Prince William alone during his time at university.

He is now a full-time working royal. His 10 year-old son Viscount Severn is 10th in line to the throne, with 14 year-old daughter Lady Louise Windsor 11th.

13. The Princess Royal

Because the 2011 law change on the succession did not apply retrospectively, the Princess Royal, 68, remains behind her three brothers in the line of succession despite being the Queen's second-born child.

Often described as the hardest-working member of the Royal family, she carries out hundreds of official engagements each year without receiving much coverage in the national media.

Her son Peter Phillips, 40, is 13th in line, with his children Savannah and Isla 14th and 15th. The Princess's daughter Zara Tindall, 37, is 16th in line; her four year-old daughter Mia is 17th and her second daughter Lena - who was born in June this year - is 18th.



Jane Austen https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/c/c8/Jane_Austen_signature_from_her_will.svg/240px-Jane_Austen_signature_from_her_will.svg.png

- a woman with determination and ambition

Jane Austen (/ˈɒstɪn, ˈɔːs-/; 16 December 1775 18 July 1817) was an English novelist known primarily for her six major novels, which interpret, critique and comment upon the British landed gentry at the end of the 18th century. Austen's plots often explore the dependence of women on marriage in the pursuit of favourable social standing and economic security. Her works critique the novels of sensibility of the second half of the 18th century and are part of the transition to 19th-century literary realism. Her use of biting irony, along with her realism and social commentary, have earned her acclaim among critics and scholars.

With the publications of Sense and Sensibility (1811), Pride and Prejudice (1813), Mansfield Park (1814) and Emma (1816), she achieved success as a published writer. She wrote two additional novels, Northanger Abbey and Persuasion, both published posthumously in 1818, and began another, eventually titled Sanditon, but died before its completion. She also left behind three volumes of juvenile writings in manuscript and another unfinished novel, The Watsons. Her six full-length novels have rarely been out of print, although they were published anonymously and brought her moderate success and little fame during her lifetime.

A significant transition in her posthumous reputation occurred in 1833, when her novels were republished in Richard Bentley's Standard Novels series, illustrated by Ferdinand Pickering, and sold as a set. They gradually gained wider acclaim and popular readership. In 1869, fifty-two years after her death, her nephew's publication of A Memoir of Jane Austen introduced a compelling version of her writing career and supposedly uneventful life to an eager audience.

Austen has inspired a large number of critical essays and literary anthologies. Her novels have inspired many films, from 1940's Pride and Prejudice to more recent productions like Sense and Sensibility (1995), Emma (1996), Mansfield Park (1999), Pride & Prejudice (2005), and Love & Friendship (2016).






Amal Clooney Wore a Powerful Red Dress to the United Nations General Assembly

Photo credit: Splash News

From Harper's BAZAAR

Amal Clooney is in New York City this weekend to attend the United Nations General Assembly.
Clooney was photographed in a stunning red dress and nude shoes on her way to a UN event yesterday.
Photo credit: Splash News

Clooney kept her accessories low-key, letting her red Oscar de la Renta caped dress take centerstage in the street style photos paparazzi snapped while she was en route to the UN.
Photo credit: Splash News

On Friday, the celebrated human rights lawyer attended Press Behind Bars: Undermining Justice and Democracy, an event for the Committee to Protect Journalists.

Clooney is representing Reuters reporters Wa Lone and Kyaw Soe Oo, who were arrested in December 2017 and sentenced this month to seven years in prison after being found guilty of possessing Myanmar state secrets. Many, however, see the journalists' arrests and subsequent convictions as punishment for reporting they did on the killing of 10 Rohingya men in Myanmars Rakhine State, according to Time.
Photo credit: ANGELA WEISS - Getty Images

Clooney called the process a "sham trial" and called on Myanmar's leader, Aung San Suu Kyi, to pardon the journalists.

"[Aung San Suu Kyi] knows that mass murder is not a state secret and that exposing it doesnt turn a journalist into a spy," Clooney said. "She is the Nobel Peace Prize winner whose name was whispered in the halls of St. Hughs College, Oxford, where she and I both studied. When I was a student, she was a hero to me, as she has been to so many human rights advocates around the world and to so many of the 50 million people in Myanmar, whose lives she promised to change."

Photo credit: ANGELA WEISS - Getty Images

Clooney continued with a direct call for Suu Kyi to take action.

"Aung San Suu Kyi knows better than anyone what it is like to be a political prisoner in Myanmar. She has slept in a cell at the prison where Wa Lone and Kyaw Soe Oo now sleep," Clooney said. "But today, she holds the keyHistory will judge her on her response."



Russia completed S-300 delivery to Syria: defence minister

Russia blamed Israel for the loss of a military IL-20M jet to Syrian fire last month, which killed all 15 servicemen on board (AFP Photo/Nikita SHCHYUKIN)

Moscow (AFP) - Russia has sent S-300 air defence systems to the Syrian military, its defence minister said Tuesday, in line with new security measures after a Russian military plane was mistakenly shot down by Syria's Soviet-era missile.

Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu said at a meeting of the Russian security council that the military on Monday "finished the deliveries of S-300 systems" including a total of four launch platforms.

Russia announced last week that it would boost security measures in Syria following the downing of a Russian military plane by an S-200 missile by mistake, which Moscow blamed on nearby Israeli planes.

Shoigu said it will take three months to train the Syrian military to operate the new air defence systems.

Fifteen Russian troops were killed when the Il-20 surveillance plane was shot down.

Moscow said Israel's F-16 planes carrying out strikes on Latakia province were using it as "cover" which resulted in the deadliest case of friendly fire since Russia intervened in the Syrian conflict in 2015.

Shoigu added that Moscow has added equipment for "radioelectronic warfare" and now "controls" the airspace in the area used for strikes on Syrian soil.

Moscow had announced that Russia would begin jamming radars of hostile warplanes in regions near Syria over the Mediterranean Sea to prevent a similar situation from harming its troops.



War in the South China Sea: 3 Ways America and China Fight it Out
The National Interest Robert Farley,The National Interest

Robert Farley

Security, Asia
"If China decides to go ahead and declare an ADIZ over the South China Sea, matters could become even more complicated." 
War in the South China Sea: 3 Ways America and China Fight it Out

Whats less than clear is that Beijing fully understands the risks of this strategy, or the dangers of pushing the United States Navy on freedom of navigation, one of the long-term core interests of the United States. And given that governments sometimes dont even understand that theyre playing a dangerous game until they find themselves in the middle of it, a great deal of caution is warranted.

Its easy to imagine an even more serious confrontation in the SCS.  Another accidental collision would be bad enough, but if a scenario developed similar to that of the downing of KAL 007, with a Chinese fighter jock actually opening fire on an American plane, the situation could get ugly very quickly.  And if an American pilot fired upon a Chinese plane, the reaction of the Chinese public could become too much for Beijing to reasonably handle.

Neither China nor the United States want war, at least not in the near future.  Chinas military buildup notwithstanding, the Peoples Liberation Army (PLA) and its components are not ready to fight the United States.  The U.S., for its part, would surely prefer to avoid the chaos and uncertainty that any military conflict with China would create.

Nevertheless, both China and the United States are making commitments in the South China Sea that each may find difficult to back away from. Over the past two weeks, these commitments have generated a war of words that analysts of the relationship have found troubling.  The key problems focus on Chinas efforts to expand (or create) islands in the Spratlys, which could theoretically provide the basis for claims to territorial waters.  The insistence of the United States on freedom of navigation could bring these tensions to a boil. Here are three ways in which tensions in the South China Sea might lead to conflict.

Island Hopping in the SCS

Over the past several months, China has stepped up construction of what observers are calling The Great Wall of Sand.  This great wall involves expanding a group of islands in the Spratly chain so that they can support airstrips, weapons, and other permanent installations. It appears that Beijing is committed to defending these new islands as an integral parts of Chinese territory, a position that the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea does not support.  Washington has other ideas, and has maintained that it will carry out freedom-of-navigation patrols in areas that China claims as territorial waters.

The prospects for conflict are clear. If U.S. ships or aircraft enter waters that China claims, then Chinese sailors, soldiers, and pilots need to take great care about how they respond.  A militarized response could quickly lead to escalation, especially if American forces suffer any kind of serious damage.  Its also easy to imagine scenarios in which island-building leads China to become embroiled against an ASEAN state. In such a case, a freedom-of-navigation patrol could put China in an awkward position relative to the third party.

(This first appeared in 2015.)

Excitable Fighter Jocks

China and the United States have already come close to conflict over aircraft collisions.  When a P-3 Orion collided a PLAN J-8 interceptor in 2001, it led to weeks of recriminations and negotiation before the crew of the P-3 was returned to the United States, and the plane was returned in a box.

Its easy to imagine an even more serious confrontation in the SCS.  Another accidental collision would be bad enough, but if a scenario developed similar to that of the downing of KAL 007, with a Chinese fighter jock actually opening fire on an American plane, the situation could get ugly very quickly.  And if an American pilot fired upon a Chinese plane, the reaction of the Chinese public could become too much for Beijing to reasonably handle.

If China decides to go ahead and declare an ADIZ over the South China Sea, matters could become even more complicated.  The United States made an elaborate display of ignoring Chinas ADIZ in the East China Sea, but China has greater interests and a greater presence in the South China Sea. Another declaration would almost certainly incur a similar reaction from the United States, putting American and Chinese planes into close proximity.

Submarine Misunderstanding

In the Cold War, the Soviet Union and NATO suffered innumerable submarine near misses, as boats hunted each other, and occasionally bumped each other, in the Atlantic, the Arctic, and the North Sea. The dynamics of U.S.-Chinese sub interaction hasnt yet played out in quite the same way, in part because China has yet to establish a sustained SSBN patrol, and I part because Chinese boats do not range as far as their Soviet counterparts. But as the submarine force of the PLAN becomes more adventurous, submarine incidents may increase.

Many analysts are arguing that the PLAN needs to push its submarines past the first island chain in order to seriously threaten U.S. access to Chinas littoral.  Preparing for this would require increasing the tempo of the PLANs submarine operations, which would more often put Chinas boats in proximity with Japanese and American subs.  To be sure, Chinese submarines are loud enough that U.S. boats should have plenty of time to get out of their way, but the same could be said of Soviet boats for much of the Cold War.

If a major submarine incident happened between the United States and China, the nature of the medium might offer some hope for de-escalation (we often dont hear about these accidents until much later). But such an incident would also put more lives and property at stake than a fighter collision.

Concluding Thoughts

Accidental war is rare, but not impossible. Common to all of these scenarios is the potential that Chinese (or less likely, American) public opinion might become so inflamed as to box in policymakers. If Xi Jinping, who has made assertive foreign policy a cornerstone of his administration, feels that he cannot back down and survive politically, then things could get unpredictable very quickly.

As Denny Roy has argued, China is playing offense in the South China Sea. By establishing facts on the ground (indeed, establishing ground), it is creating a situation in which normal U.S. behavior looks like destabilizing intervention. Whats less than clear is that Beijing fully understands the risks of this strategy, or the dangers of pushing the United States Navy on freedom of navigation, one of the long-term core interests of the United States. And given that governments sometimes dont even understand that theyre playing a dangerous game until they find themselves in the middle of it, a great deal of caution is warranted.

This first appeared in 2015.



Pippa Middleton Just Entered the Hospital Where Kate Had Her Babies

Pippa Middleton will be welcoming her first child with James Matthews any day now. Kate Middleton's sister was seen entering the Lindo Wing with her husband, as pointed out by Harper's BAZAAR, which means the 35-year-old is likely pretty close to giving birth. Both Princess Diana and Kate Middleton gave birth to their children in the Lindo Wing-but can non-royals like Pippa do the same?

The answer is an unqualified yes. After all, when Prince Louis was born back in April, unsuspecting couples emerged from the Lindo Wing with their newborns, only to be greeted by throngs of photographers and fans of the royals.

A little background: The Lindo Wing is a private section of St. Mary's Hospital in London. (That means it's not covered through the U.K.'s National Health Service.) Though the hospital itself was built in 1845, the private Lindo Wing wasn't created until 1937. It was remodeled in 2012 right before Prince George's birth in 2013. According to People, the maternity unit consists of 16 rooms: five for labor and 11 for postnatal care.

But you have to be pretty fancy to give birth at the Lindo Wing.
Suites like Duchess Kate's (and probably Pippa's, too) only give prices upon application.

Pregnant Pippa Middleton Was Just Seen Arriving to the Hospital

Pippa Middleton, who is pregnant with her first child, was photographed arriving to the Lindo Wing of St. Mary's Hospital in London on Tuesday. Her older sister Kate has given birth in the same location for all three of her children, mostly recently Prince Louis, whom she and Prince William welcomed in April.

The mom-to-be was spotted in a dark, belted wrap coat and carrying a tote bag while accompanied by her husband James Matthews, whom she married in May 2017. It was previously reported that Pippa is due in October, but it's unclear whether Middleton has given birth yet. No formal announcement has been made.
Rumors of Pippa's pregnancy first broke in April, shortly before the Duchess of Cambridge welcomed her third child. "When Pippa found out she was pregnant, she was obviously thrilled and utterly overjoyed," a source told Sunday Express at the time.

However, the British socialite didn't publicly confirm the baby news until June, when she wrote about exercising during pregnancy for a Waitrose Weekend column. "I've noticed my body change but through exercise I feel it's being strengthened," she wrote.

Aside from the Waitrose columns focusing on health and pregnancy, Pippa has remained fairly tight-lipped with details about her baby. She reportedly doesn't even know the sex of her child and is waiting to find out at birth. "Theyre extremely private and honestly, we know nothing," her brother-in-law Spencer Matthews revealed in August.

Big sister Kate also kept the sex of her three kids a secret until they were born, according to E! News. We're sure the Duchess of Cambridge is anticipating Pippa's baby even more than we are.



Octogenarian Nancy Blackman gets around on her trusty Raleigh bicycle
that she has had for 67 years.



Meghan Markle 'idolized' Ivanka Trump, biographer claims

Before becoming a royal, Meghan Markle reportedly "idolized" Ivanka Trump.

Before becoming a royal, Meghan Markle reportedly "idolized" Ivanka Trump.

According to Andrew Morton, the author of "Meghan: A Hollywood Princess," the former "Suits" actress looked up to Ivanka and had extreme admiration for her as a businesswoman -- at least, before her father ran for president.

"Before Donald Trump entered the race for the presidency, one of [Meghan's] female idols was businesswoman Ivanka Trump, who had her own jewelry and clothing line," Morton wrote in his book.

Furthermore, the former shoe designer participated in a recurring feature of Markle's now-defunct blog, The Tig, which left the future princess elated.

"She was thrilled when Ivanka agreed to fill in her simple questionnaire for Tig Talk," Morton explained. "More thrilled when she accepted her invitation to meet for drinks and dinner next time Meghan was in New York."

In addition to featuring a questionnaire filled out by the future First Daughter, Markle also fawned over Ivanka in a post written exclusively about her.

"Don't get me started on her jewelry collection: the late-night 'window shopping' I have done on my computer, snuggled up in my bed with a glass of wine, staring longingly at the beautiful designs," Morton quotes her as writing. "And there are the shows, the home collection, the clothing and the natural extension of her brand with a kids' collection -- a smart choice given that she is now a proud mama."

"When we have drinks, I will make sure I order whatever she does -- because this woman seems to have the formula for success (and happiness) down pat," she reportedly added.

As Refinery29 reported, however, Markle's opinion of Ivanka may have changed once she stood behind her father's divisive run for president and subsequent time in the White House. During a May 2016 appearance on "The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore," Markle slammed the future president for his comments about women.

"Trump is divisive," she said. "Think about female voters alone, right? I think it was in 2012 the Republican party lost the female vote by 12 points; that is a huge number and with as misogynistic as Trump is, and so vocal about it, that is a huge chunk of it."

"You're not voting for a woman if it's Hillary because she's a woman, but certainly because Trump has made it easy to see that you don't really want that kind of world that he's painting," she added.



8 Photogenic Tricks Meghan Markle Has Memorized
Who What Wear Allyson Payer,Who What Wear 3 hours ago

Given her career as an actress before her entry into life as a duchess, Meghan Markle has had lots of time to hone her looking-good-in-photos skills. While her days of posing on a red carpet might be over for now, shes still photographed at length almost every time she exits the house (or palace, in her case). In fact, there are currently almost 400 pages of photos of Markle on Getty Images. So it goes without saying that Markle is a good person to study if you want to pick up a few photogenic tricks. Ive done quite a few stories on Markle since she became engaged to Prince Harry, and I will say that there are very few bad photos of Markle, which isnt something that can be said for every celebrity. She clearly knows what shes doing.

Markles savvy photogenic skills range from how she holds her head to how big she smiles to what she wears, and I did the research to pull the universal tips to keep in mind the next time youre faced with a camera (or more likely an iPhone camera). Keep scrolling for the Markle-tried-and-tested tricks and to shop flattering styles she swears by.

Markle's smile is undeniably gorgeous, but it's clear that she makes a conscious effort to not smile too big, as it can appear forced.
On Meghan Markle: Hugo Boss
Taking a few deep breaths works for some people, while others need to hold something in their hands to avoid feeling awkward. Whatever works best for you, just try to relax and act natural. On Meghan Markle: Emilia Wickstead dress
You'll often find models like Kendall Jenner posing with one hip cocked slightly to the side and the opposite leg pointing out. It's a flattering, subtle pose that helps to elongate the body. On Meghan Markle: Misha Nonoo dress; Gianvito Rossi shoes
How you hold your head is of utmost importance when lenses are snapping, and Markle can often be found tilting her head down and slightly to the side, which is always a flattering angle. On Meghan Markle: Givenchy dress; Aquazzura shoes
Perhaps due to her royal grooming, Markle's posture is impeccable these days, and it pays off in photos.
On Meghan Markle: Dior dress; Stephen Jones hat
Bright, solid colors really pop on camera (and get all the Instagram likes). 
On Meghan Markle: Jason Wu dress; Dior clutch; Aquazzura shoes
You may have noticed that Markle likes to put her hand out (with that huge diamond ring) when she's walking, whether she realizes it or not. The takeaway is that if you have an accessory or jewelry piece you want to show off, it certainly won't hurt the photo.  .
On Meghan Markle: Altuzarra Acacia Blazer and Serge Pants; Deitas blouse
Similar to her sister-in-law, Kate Middleton, Markle often wears waist-cinching pieces, which are universally flattering.
On Meghan Markle: Nonie dress; Mulberry clutch


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