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World News in English. Mashed: Vanity Fair.Celebrity.Lifestyle.Money..

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World News in English. Mashed: Vanity Fair. Celebrity. Lifestyle.Money


World News in English.
The Cheat Sheet
This is Meghan Markle's Diet
Family recipe.http://sh.uploads.ru/t/thI9J.gif 
It's an old Middleton family recipe.
President Kennedy’s Favorite Waffle Recipe
Celebrity.  Lifestyle.
16 Hsting Rules Kate Middleton Never Breaks
Quotes about Life
Prince Philip to retire from public duties at age of 96
Vanity Fair.
All types of modern short stories are here with better language.
You are welcome to read these short stories so as to enjoy your time.
Life Hacks
Popular Destinations for Flights
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Kensington Palace

The invitations follow many years of Royal tradition and have been made by @BarnardWestwood.
They feature the Three-Feathered Badge of the Prince of Wales printed in gold ink.

Lottie Small, who recently completed her apprenticeship, printed
all of the invitations in a process known as die stamping,
on a machine from the 1930s that she affectionately nicknamed Maude.

Kensington Palace

Using American ink on English card, the invitations are printed in gold and black, then burnished to bring out the shine, and gilded around the edge.
@BarnardWestwood have been making Royal invitations since 1985, and Managing Director Austen Kopley said he was thrilled and honoured to be making them.

Hello Kensington Palace team, We are loving all these printy details and insights, and it's great to see a young apprentice mastering an historic trade. The invitations look fab.

Awesome way to highlight a young lady starting out! I love that Meghan and Harry seem to put thought into who they have complete different things and do not hide showcasing them. It's a great honor!



This is Meghan Markle's Diet http://sh.uploads.ru/t/thI9J.gif

This article originally appeared on Spoon U and was written by Sydney te Wildt. It has been given minor edits before re-posting.

I am certainly (more than) a bit upset that I am not marrying Prince Harry, but I have quickly fallen in love with Meghan Markle. The "Suits" star and humanitarian is legit flawless. Because we all want to be a bit more like the princess-to-be, I investigated Meghan Markle's diet. Here's everything you need to know about how to eat like your favorite future royal.

Start the Day Right

Just as you wake up, drink some hot water with lemon for a fresh start to the day. If you're trying to stay true to Meghan Markle's diet, you're gonna have to get up at 4:15 am, but I won't tell anyone if you don't.

When it comes to breakfast, Markle keeps it pretty simple by making some "steel-cut oats with bananas and agave syrup drizzled on it."

Meal Prep Like a Queen

While she's working, Meghan Markle likes to meal prep with quinoa, onions, garlic, veggies, and some seasoning (think Spike, crushed red peppers, or chopped herbs). It all goes great solo or with some kale salad.

Nom on Fish Tacos

With her taco obsession, Markle is truly the people's next princess. She is specifically obsessed with fish tacos and claims that she "was conditioned to like Baja-style food from the womb." Check out the Fresh Corn Grill in LA for her favorite salmon tacos.

Keep the Skin Fresh

Although she won't let it ruin a good vacation, she tries to cut out gluten as much as possible. She sees a noticeable difference in her skin when she gets rid of gluten, but she will eat pasta on occasion.

Juice It Up

Markle swaps that afternoon coffee for some green juice. Her favorite mix includes "apple, kale, spinach, lemon, and ginger," and she'll add some berries or almond milk if she's looking for something different.

Mix Up Those Snacks

Meghan Markle's got some damn good snacks. Try out some crackers, hummus, and baby carrots to "satisf[y] so many senses [with] the savory taste, the textural crunch, and unctuousness of the hummus." On set, Markle is also a big fan of fresh apples with almond butter and sea salt (I sure hope it's crunchy).

Grab Some Chips

Kale chips, that is. If you want to make yours like Markle, drizzle some olive oil and sea salt over dry kale and put it in the oven for 25 minutes. It's that easy.

Drink a Lot of Red Wine

This is something I can get behind. Meghan Markle loves a good glass of "big, beautiful red" wine. Her favorite brand is Tignanello, which explains the name of her now unpublished blog, The Tig.

She splits her allegiance during the summer, however, recognizing that during the summer, "it's rosé all day."

Treat Yo' Self

When Markle is not on set for "Suits," her diet changes drastically: "[o]n hiatus, all bets are off" according to Markle. For her, this means a whole lot of fries. Along with wine, French fries are among Markle's favorite foods, and she describes it as "its own food group." Of course, she's no longer on "Suits," but she is preparing for a much bigger role, so no word on how many French fries are currently being consumed.

I'm not saying that you're gonna be a princess if you follow Meghan Markle's diet, but it's not as hard as you think to at least eat like your favorite royal.






A Pair of Silk Stockings

by Kate Chopin

Little Missus Sommers one day found herself the unexpected owner of fifteen dollars. It seemed to her a very large amount of money. The way it filled up her worn money holder gave her a feeling of importance that she had not enjoyed for years.

The question of investment was one she considered carefully. For a day or two she walked around in a dreamy state as she thought about her choices. She did not wish to act quickly and do anything she might regret. During the quiet hours of the night she lay awake considering ideas.

A dollar or two could be added to the price she usually paid for her daughter Janie’s shoes. This would guarantee they would last a great deal longer than usual. She would buy cloth for new shirts for the boys. Her daughter Mag should have another dress. And still there would be enough left for new stockings — two pairs per child. What time that would save her in always repairing old stockings! The idea of her little family looking fresh and new for once in their lives made her restless with excitement.

The neighbors sometimes talked of the «better days» that little Missus Sommers had known before she had ever thought of being Missus Sommers. She herself never looked back to her younger days. She had no time to think about the past. The needs of the present took all her energy.

Missus Sommers knew the value of finding things for sale at reduced prices. She could stand for hours making her way little by little toward the desired object that was selling below cost. She could push her way if need be.

But that day she was tired and a little bit weak. She had eaten a light meal—no! She thought about her day. Between getting the children fed and the house cleaned, and preparing herself to go shopping, she had forgotten to eat at all!

When she arrived at the large department store, she sat in front of an empty counter. She was trying to gather strength and courage to push through a mass of busy shoppers. She rested her hand upon the counter.

She wore no gloves. She slowly grew aware that her hand had felt something very pleasant to touch. She looked down to see that her hand lay upon a pile of silk stockings. A sign nearby announced that they had been reduced in price. A young girl who stood behind the counter asked her if she wished to examine the silky leg coverings.

She smiled as if she had been asked to inspect diamond jewelry with the aim of purchasing it. But she went on feeling the soft, costly items. Now she used both hands, holding the stockings up to see the light shine through them.

Two red marks suddenly showed on her pale face. She looked up at the shop girl.

«Do you think there are any size eights-and-a-half among these?»

There were a great number of stockings in her size. Missus Sommers chose a black pair and looked at them closely.

«A dollar and ninety-eight cents,» she said aloud. «Well, I will buy this pair.»

She handed the girl a five dollar bill and waited for her change and the wrapped box with the stockings. What a very small box it was! It seemed lost in her worn old shopping bag.

Missus Sommers then took the elevator which carried her to an upper floor into the ladies’ rest area. In an empty corner, she replaced her cotton stockings for the new silk ones.
For the first time she seemed to be taking a rest from the tiring act of thought. She had let herself be controlled by some machine-like force that directed her actions and freed her of responsibility.

How good was the touch of the silk on her skin! She felt like lying back in the soft chair and enjoying the richness of it. She did for a little while. Then she put her shoes back on and put her old stockings into her bag. Next, she went to the shoe department, sat down and waited to be fitted.

The young shoe salesman was unable to guess about her background. He could not resolve her worn, old shoes with her beautiful, new stockings. She tried on a pair of new boots.

She held back her skirts and turned her feet one way and her head another way as she looked down at the shiny, pointed boots. Her foot and ankle looked very lovely. She could not believe that they were a part of herself. She told the young salesman that she wanted an excellent and stylish fit. She said she did not mind paying extra as long as she got what she desired.

After buying the new boots, she went to the glove department. It was a long time since Missus Sommers had been fitted with gloves. When she had bought a pair they were always «bargains,» so cheap that it would have been unreasonable to have expected them to be fitted to her hand.

Now she rested her arm on the counter where gloves were for sale. A young shop girl drew a soft, leather glove over Missus Sommers’s hand. She smoothed it down over the wrist and buttoned it neatly. Both women lost themselves for a second or two as they quietly praised the little gloved hand.

There were other places where money might be spent. A store down the street sold books and magazines. Missus Sommers bought two costly magazines that she used to read back when she had been able to enjoy other pleasant things.

She lifted her skirts as she crossed the street. Her new stockings and boots and gloves had worked wonders for her appearance. They had given her a feeling of satisfaction, a sense of belonging to the well-dressed crowds.

She was very hungry. Another time she would have ignored the desire for food until reaching her own home. But the force that was guiding her would not permit her to act on such a thought.

There was a restaurant at the corner. She had never entered its doors. She had sometimes looked through the windows. She had noted the white table cloths, shining glasses and waiters serving wealthy people.

When she entered, her appearance created no surprise or concern, as she had half feared it might.

She seated herself at a small table. A waiter came at once to take her order. She ordered six oysters, a chop, something sweet, a glass of wine and a cup of coffee. While waiting to be served she removed her gloves very slowly and set them beside her. Then she picked up her magazine and looked through it.

It was all very agreeable. The table cloths were even more clean and white than they had seemed through the window. And the crystal drinking glasses shined even more brightly. There were ladies and gentlemen, who did not notice her, lunching at the small tables like her own.

A pleasing piece of music could be heard, and a gentle wind was blowing through the window. She tasted a bite, and she read a word or two and she slowly drank the wine. She moved her toes around in the silk stockings. The price of it all made no difference.

When she was finished, she counted the money out to the waiter and left an extra coin on his tray. He bowed to her as if she were a princess of royal blood.

There was still money in her purse, and her next gift to herself presented itself as a theater advertisement. When she entered the theater, the play had already begun. She sat between richly dressed women who were there to spend the day eating sweets and showing off their costly clothing. There were many others who were there only to watch the play.

It is safe to say there was no one there who had the same respect that Missus Sommers did for her surroundings. She gathered in everything — stage and players and people — in one wide sensation. She laughed and cried at the play. She even talked a little with the women. One woman wiped her eyes with a small square of lace and passed Missus Sommers her box of candy.

The play was over, the music stopped, the crowd flowed outside. It was like a dream ended. Missus Sommers went to wait for the cable car.

A man with sharp eyes sat opposite her. It was hard for him to fully understand what he saw in her expression. In truth, he saw nothing — unless he was a magician. Then he would sense her heartbreaking wish that the cable car would never stop anywhere, but go on and on with her forever.

The End



The gift of the magi
by O.Henry


ONE DOLLAR AND EIGHTY-SEVEN CENTS. THAT WAS ALL. AND SIXTY CENTS of it was in pennies. Pennies saved one and two at a time by bulldozing the grocer and the vegetable man and the butcher until one's cheeks burned with the silent imputation of parsimony that such close dealing implied. Three times Della counted it. One dollar and eighty-seven cents. And the next day would be Christmas.
There was clearly nothing left to do but flop down on the shabby little couch and howl. So Della did it. Which instigates the moral reflection that life is made up of sobs, sniffles, and smiles, with sniffles predominating.

While the mistress of the home is gradually subsiding from the first stage to the second, take a look at the home. A furnished flat at $8 per week. It did not exactly beggar description, but it certainly had that word on the look-out for the mendicancy squad.
In the vestibule below was a letter-box into which no letter would go, and an electric button from which no mortal finger could coax a ring. Also appertaining thereunto was a card bearing the name "Mr. James Dillingham Young."

The "Dillingham" had been flung to the breeze during a former period of prosperity when its possessor was being paid $30 per week. Now, when the income was shrunk to $20, the letters of "Dillingham" looked blurred, as though they were thinking seriously of contracting to a modest and unassuming D.

But whenever Mr. James Dillingham Young came home and reached his flat above he was called "Jim" and greatly hugged by Mrs. James Dillingham Young, already introduced to you as Della. Which is all very good.

Della finished her cry and attended to her cheeks with the powder rag. She stood by the window and looked out dully at a grey cat walking a grey fence in a grey backyard. To-morrow would be Christmas Day, and she had only $1.87 with which to buy Jim a present.
She had been saving every penny she could for months, with this result. Twenty dollars a week doesn't go far. Expenses had been greater than she had calculated. They always are. Only $1.87 to buy a present for Jim. Her Jim.

Many a happy hour she had spent planning for something nice for him. Something fine and rare and sterling--something just a little bit near to being worthy of the honour of being owned by Jim.

There was a pier-glass between the windows of the room. Perhaps you have seen a pier-glass in an $8 Bat. A very thin and very agile person may, by observing his reflection in a rapid sequence of longitudinal strips, obtain a fairly accurate conception of his looks. Della, being slender, had mastered the art.

Suddenly she whirled from the window and stood before the glass. Her eyes were shining brilliantly, but her face had lost its colour within twenty seconds. Rapidly she pulled down her hair and let it fall to its full length.

Now, there were two possessions of the James Dillingham Youngs in which they both took a mighty pride. One was Jim's gold watch that had been his father's and his grandfather's. The other was Della's hair.

Had the Queen of Sheba lived in the flat across the airshaft, Della would have let her hair hang out of the window some day to dry just to depreciate Her Majesty's jewels and gifts. Had King Solomon been the janitor, with all his treasures piled up in the basement, Jim would have pulled out his watch every time he passed, just to see him pluck at his beard from envy.

So now Della's beautiful hair fell about her, rippling and shining like a cascade of brown waters. It reached below her knee and made itself almost a garment for her.

And then she did it up again nervously and quickly. Once she faltered for a minute and stood still while a tear or two splashed on the worn red carpet.

On went her old brown jacket; on went her old brown hat. With a whirl of skirts and with the brilliant sparkle still in her eyes, she cluttered out of the door and down the stairs to the street.

Where she stopped the sign read: "Mme Sofronie. Hair Goods of All Kinds." One Eight up Della ran, and collected herself, panting. Madame, large, too white, chilly, hardly looked the "Sofronie."
"Will you buy my hair?" asked Della.
"I buy hair," said Madame. "Take yer hat off and let's have a sight at the looks of it."
Down rippled the brown cascade.
"Twenty dollars," said Madame, lifting the mass with a practised hand.
"Give it to me quick" said Della.
"Is that your ship out there?" asked the Kid.

Oh, and the next two hours tripped by on rosy wings. Forget the hashed metaphor. She was ransacking the stores for Jim's present.
She found it at last. It surely had been made for Jim and no one else. There was no other like it in any of the stores, and she had turned all of them inside out.

It was a platinum fob chain simple and chaste in design, properly proclaiming its value by substance alone and not by meretricious ornamentation--as all good things should do. It was even worthy of The Watch.

As soon as she saw it she knew that it must be Jim's. It was like him. Quietness and value--the description applied to both. Twenty-one dollars they took from her for it, and she hurried home with the 78 cents.

With that chain on his watch Jim might be properly anxious about the time in any company. Grand as the watch was, he sometimes looked at it on the sly on account of the old leather strap that he used in place of a chain.

When Della reached home her intoxication gave way a little to prudence and reason. She got out her curling irons and lighted the gas and went to work repairing the ravages made by generosity added to love. Which is always a tremendous task dear friends--a mammoth task.
Within forty minutes her head was covered with tiny, close-lying curls that made her look wonderfully like a truant schoolboy. She looked at her reflection in the mirror long, carefully, and critically.

"If Jim doesn't kill me," she said to herself, "before he takes a second look at me, he'll say I look like a Coney Island chorus girl. But what could I do--oh! what could I do with a dollar and eighty-seven cents?"

At 7 o'clock the coffee was made and the frying-pan was on the back of the stove hot and ready to cook the chops.
Jim was never late. Della doubled the fob chain in her hand and sat on the corner of the table near the door that he always entered. Then she heard his step on the stair away down on the first flight, and she turned white for just a moment.

She had a habit of saying little silent prayers about the simplest everyday things, and now she whispered: "Please, God, make him think I am still pretty."

The door opened and Jim stepped in and closed it. He looked thin and very serious. Poor fellow, he was only twenty-two--and to be burdened with a family! He needed a new overcoat and he was with out gloves.

Jim stepped inside the door, as immovable as a setter at the scent of quail. His eyes were fixed upon Della, and there was an expression in them that she could not read, and it terrified her.

It was not anger, nor surprise, nor disapproval, nor horror, nor any of the sentiments that she had been prepared for. He simply stared at her fixedly with that peculiar expression on his face.

Della wriggled off the table and went for him.
"Jim, darling," she cried, "don't look at me that way. I had my hair cut off and sold it because I couldn't have lived through Christmas without giving you a present. It'll grow out again--you won't mind, will you?
I just had to do it. My hair grows awfully fast. Say 'Merry Christmas!' Jim, and let's be happy. You don't know what a nice-what a beautiful, nice gift I've got for you."
"You've cut off your hair?" asked Jim, laboriously, as if he had not arrived at that patent fact yet, even after the hardest mental labour.
"Cut it off and sold it," said Della. "Don't you like me just as well, anyhow? I'm me without my hair, ain't I?"
Jim looked about the room curiously.
"You say your hair is gone?" he said, with an air almost of idiocy.
"You needn't look for it," said Della. "It's sold, I tell you--sold and gone, too. It's Christmas Eve, boy. Be good to me, for it went for you. Maybe the hairs of my head were numbered," she went on with a sudden serious sweetness, "but nobody could ever count my love for you. Shall I put the chops on, Jim?"
Out of his trance Jim seemed quickly to wake. He enfolded his Della. For ten seconds let us regard with discreet scrutiny some inconsequential object in the other direction. Eight dollars a week or a million a year--what is the difference?
A mathematician or a wit would give you the wrong answer. The magi brought valuable gifts, but that was not among them. I his dark assertion will be illuminated later on.
Jim drew a package from his overcoat pocket and threw it upon the table.
"Don't make any mistake, Dell," he said, "about me. I don't think there's anything in the way of a haircut or a shave or a shampoo that could make me like my girl any less. But if you'll unwrap that package you may see why you had me going a while at first."
White fingers and nimble tore at the string and paper. And then an ecstatic scream of joy; and then, alas! a quick feminine change to hysterical tears and wails, necessitating the immediate employment of all the comforting powers of the lord of the flat.
For there lay The Combs--the set of combs, side and back, that Della had worshipped for long in a Broadway window. Beautiful combs, pure tortoise-shell, with jewelled rims--just the shade to wear in the beautiful vanished hair.

They were expensive combs, she knew, and her heart had simply craved and yearned over them without the least hope of possession. And now, they were hers, but the tresses that should have adorned the coveted adornments were gone.
But she hugged them to her bosom, and at length she was able to look up with dim eyes and a smile and say: "My hair grows so fast, Jim!"
And then Della leaped up like a little singed cat and cried, "Oh, oh!"
Jim had not yet seen his beautiful present. She held it out to him eagerly upon her open palm. The dull precious metal seemed to flash with a reflection of her bright and ardent spirit.
"Isn't it a dandy, Jim? I hunted all over town to find it. You'll have to look at the time a hundred times a day now. Give me your watch. I want to see how it looks on it."

Instead of obeying, Jim tumbled down on the couch and put his hands under the back of his head and smiled.

"Dell," said he, "let's put our Christmas presents away and keep 'em a while. They're too nice to use just at present. I sold the watch to get the money to buy Your combs. And now suppose you put the chops on."

The magi, as you know, were wise men--wonderfully wise men-who brought gifts to the Babe in the manger. They invented the art of giving Christmas presents. Being wise, their gifts were no doubt wise ones, possibly bearing the privilege of exchange in case of duplication.
And here I have lamely related to you the uneventful chronicle of two foolish children in a flat who most unwisely sacrificed for each other the greatest treasures of their house.

But in a last word to the wise of these days let it be said that of all who give gifts these two were the wisest. Of all who give and receive gifts, such as they are wisest. Everywhere they are wisest. They are the magi.




Revealing Details About Prince William and Prince Harry’s Royal Feud With Camilla

Prince William and Prince Harry have known of their stepmother, Camilla, since very early in their lives. The high-profile affair between Camilla and Prince Charles was hard for the boys to forget. Ever since, the two have had a rocky relationship with Camilla. Some years have been better than others. Here are the details behind the relationship between Charles’ wife and these two royals. William was resistant to meeting Camilla In the summer of 1997, two months before Diana’s death, Charles sat his kids down to talk to them about Camilla. He explained their relationship from his point of view, but Diana had already tainted the mere thought of Camilla for the boys.  William was especially resistant ...

William was resistant to meeting Camilla

Prince William was wary of Camilla as a teenager. |
Adrian Dennis/AFP/Getty Images

In the summer of 1997, two months before Diana’s death, Charles sat his kids down to talk to them about Camilla. He explained their relationship from his point of view, but Diana had already tainted the mere thought of Camilla for the boys. William was especially resistant to meeting her. Charles did not push the relationship on the boys because he wanted them to warm up to her and knew they were aware of the trouble Camilla had caused Charles and Diana.




Kim Jong Un Wife's Stylish Fashion Sense is a Hit in China
Christina Zhao,Newsweek 2 hours 24 minutes ago

Kim Jong Un’s wife stunned the Chinese public with her stylish fashion choices while accompanying the North Korean leader on his surprise visit to China this week. Ri Sol Ju, North Korea’s first lady, was seen in at least three different outfits during the unofficial two-day Beijing trip to meet China’s President Xi Jinping.

Many citizens took to Weibo, a popular Chinese social media platform, to praise Ri’s appearance. “Ri Sol-ju is indeed beautiful and amiable. I can tell she would be good at ‘first-lady diplomacy’, better than Kim’s sister,” one user wrote.

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and wife Ri Sol Ju, and Chinese President Xi Jinping and wife Peng Liyuan pose for a photo in Beijing, China, in this undated photo released by North Korea's Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) in Pyongyang March 28, 2018. Reuters

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William Tang Tat Chi, a Hong Kong fashion designer, said Ri’s dress sense was “subtle” although not conservative, reported the South China Morning Post.

After discussions praising the first lady’s style started to gather steam on Weibo, authorities quickly moved to censor all mention of Ri’s appearance. At the time this article was published, the term “Ri Sol Ju” was still blocked on Weibo.

Ri’s first outfit, debuted at the welcoming ceremony, was a tan cropped jacket with a knee-length matching pencil skirt and pointed high heels. She finished off the ensemble with a diamante butterfly broach, a thin necklace and stud earrings.

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and wife Ri Sol Ju, and Chinese President Xi Jinping and wife Peng Liyuan walk together in Beijing, China, in this undated photo released by North Korea's Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) in Pyongyang March 28, 2018. Reuters

Ri changed into a cream two-piece dress, which featured three-quarter sleeves with frills and a high neckline, when she and her husband met Xi for lunch at the Diaoyutai State Guesthouse. During a trip to the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the North Korean first lady was seen in a lime green dress that she paired with an off-white coat that featured a dark flower brooch on one side.

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and his wife Ri Sol Ju look at an exhibition in Beijing as he paid an unofficial visit to China, in this undated photo released by North Korea's Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) in Pyongyang March 28, 2018. Reuters

In 2012, Ri was identified as North Korean dictator Kim’s wife. Little is known about the mysterious woman, who frequently vanishes from the public eye for months at a time. Local reports claim she is around 28 years old and the mother to three children, but that information has never been officially confirmed by the authoritarian government.




Kim Jong Un Goes to Beijing: North Korean Dictator Makes First Foreign Trip As Leader

China and North Korea have both confirmed that North Korean leader Kim Jong Un visited Beijing and met Chinese President Xi Jinping during what China's Foreign Ministry called an unofficial visit to China, from Sunday to Wednesday (March 25-28).

The China visit was Kim's first known trip outside North Korea since he assumed power in 2011 and is believed by analysts to serve as preparation for upcoming summits with South Korea and the United States.

Billed as an unofficial trip, Kim's appearance in Beijing contained almost all the trappings of a state visit, complete with an honor guard and banquet at Beijing's Great Hall of the People.

Kim and Xi also met at the Diaoyutai State Guest House, where Kim Il Sung planted a tree in 1959 that still stands.

Kim Jong Un's Mysterious Party Train Full of Wine Reportedly Sighted in China

Kim told a banquet hosted by Xi that the visit was intended to "maintain our great friendship and continue and develop our bilateral ties at a time of rapid developments on the Korean peninsula", according to North Korean state news agency KCNA.

Speculation about a possible visit by Kim Jong Un to Beijing was rife after a train similar to the one used by his father was seen in the Chinese capital, along with heavy security and a large motorcade.



Kim Jong Un's wife Ri Sol Ju becomes a sensation in China

Kim Jong Un's surprise trip to China this week made headlines, but not just

Kim Jong Un's surprise trip to China this week made headlines, but not just because of its diplomatic relations. The North Korean dictator's meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping in Beijing was accompanied by Kim's '"mysterious" wife, Ri Sol Ju.

Ri is rarely seen at international diplomatic events, only occasionally at domestic events -- but her appearance this week alongside the two leaders, as well as Xi's wife Peng Liyuan, quickly shot her to stardom in China. To put this into perspective, so little is known about Ri in the international media that her age is reportedly between 28-33. They announced their marriage in 2012 and have three children (we think).

For the two-day trip, Ri was spotted in at least three different outfits by the cameras, all of which received high praise from the social media community.

"Ri Sol-ju is indeed beautiful and amiable. I can tell she would be good at 'first-lady diplomacy', better than Kim's sister," said one commentator on the country's equivalent to Twitter, according to Business Insider. Others said she was prettier than the Chinese first lady, as other praised her conservative yet fashionable attire.

The Chinese government was quick to censor many of these comments.

This was Kim Jong Un's first trip since becoming dictator in 2011, a visit thought to be provoked by the impending meetings with Trump. In early March, Xi Jinping eliminated the two-term limit for presidency, effectively allowing him to serve tenure for life.

"He's now president for life, president for life. And he's great," Trump reportedly responded.




North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and Chinese President Xi Jinping shake hands
at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing, China, in this picture
released to Reuters on March 28, 2018. Ju Peng/Xinhua via REUTERS

By Ben Blanchard and Joyce Lee

BEIJING/SEOUL (Reuters) - North Korea's leader Kim Jong Un pledged his commitment to denuclearization and to meet U.S. officials, China said on Wednesday after his meeting with President Xi Jinping, who promised China would uphold friendship with its isolated neighbour.

After two days of speculation, China and North Korea both confirmed that Kim had travelled to Beijing and met Xi during what China called an unofficial visit from Sunday to Wednesday.

The visit was Kim's first known trip outside North Korea since he assumed power in 2011 and is believed by analysts to serve as preparation for upcoming summits with South Korea and the United States.

U.S. President Donald Trump wrote on Twitter he had received a message from Xi on Tuesday night that his meeting with Kim "went very well" and that Kim looked forward to meeting the U.S. president.

"Look forward to our meeting!" Trump wrote, while adding: "In the meantime, and unfortunately, maximum sanctions and pressure must be maintained at all cost!"

White House spokeswoman Sarah Sanders said the China-North Korea talks and Kim's decision to travel outside his country were a "positive sign" the U.S.-led pressure campaign to force North Korea to abandon its nuclear weapons has been working. "We're going to be cautiously optimistic," she told reporters.

"For years and through many administrations, everyone said that peace and the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula was not even a small possibility," Trump tweeted on Wednesday. "Now there is a good chance that Kim Jong Un will do what is right for his people and for humanity."

Earlier this month, Trump, who has exchanged bellicose threats with Kim in the past year, surprised the world by agreeing to meet the North Korean leader to discuss the crisis over Pyongyang's development of nuclear weapons capable of hitting the United States.

North Korea's official media has made no mention of Kim's pledge to denuclearize or the anticipated meeting with Trump, which is planned for some time in May.

China has traditionally been secretive North Korea's closest ally but ties have been frayed by Kim's nuclear weapons programme and Beijing's backing of tough U.N. sanctions in response.

China's Foreign Ministry cited Kim in a lengthy statement as telling Xi the situation on the Korean peninsula was starting to improve because North Korea had taken the initiative to ease tensions and put forward proposals for talks.

"It is our consistent stand to be committed to denuclearization on the peninsula, in accordance with the will of late President Kim Il Sung and late General Secretary Kim Jong Il," Kim Jong Un said, according to the ministry.

North Korea was willing to talk with the United States and hold a summit between the countries, it quoted him as saying.

"The issue of denuclearization of the Korean peninsula can be resolved, if South Korea and the United States respond to our efforts with goodwill, create an atmosphere of peace and stability while taking progressive and synchronous measures for the realisation of peace," Kim said.


Kim Jong Un's predecessors, grandfather Kim Il Sung and father Kim Jong Il, both promised not to pursue nuclear weapons but secretly maintained programmes to develop them, culminating in the North's first nuclear test in 2006 under Kim Jong Il.

North Korea has said in previous, failed talks aimed at dismantling its nuclear programme it could consider giving up its arsenal if the United States removed its troops from South Korea and withdrew its so-called nuclear umbrella of deterrence from South Korea and Japan.

Many analysts and former negotiators believe this still constitutes North Korea's stance and remain deeply sceptical Kim is willing to give up the weapons his family has been developing for decades.

"Kim Jong Un has finally echoed the unconvincing line of his father that denuclearization is the 'will' of Kim Il Sung," said Daniel Russel, who served as the top U.S. diplomat for Asia until last April.

"While that's better than his outright rejection of denuclearization to date, it's not very persuasive in light of his actions and his caveats about the need for the U.S. to first create the right 'atmosphere'," Russel said in an email.

Widely read Chinese state-run newspaper the Global Times said the Kim-Xi meeting proved naysayers wrong about Beijing-Pyongyang relations.

"China and North Korea maintaining their friendly relations provides a positive force for the whole region and promotes strategic stability in northeast Asia," it said in an editorial.

Kim's appearance in Beijing involved almost all the trappings of a state visit, complete with an honour guard and banquet at Beijing's Great Hall of the People.

Kim and Xi also met at the Diaoyutai State Guest House, where Kim Il Sung planted a tree in 1959 that still stands.

State television showed pictures of the two men chatting and Kim's wife, Ri Sol Ju, getting a warm welcome from Xi's wife, Peng Liyuan.

Analysts said the meeting strengthened North Korea's position ahead of any meeting with Trump by aligning Beijing and Pyongyang while reassuring China it was not being sidelined in any negotiations.

A top Chinese diplomat, Politburo member Yang Jiechi, will brief South Korean President Moon Jae-in about the Beijing talks in Seoul on Thursday, the South Korean presidency said.

North Korea's official news agency said Kim told a banquet hosted by Xi that his visit was intended to "maintain our great friendship and continue and develop our bilateral ties at a time of rapid developments on the Korean peninsula".

It said Xi had accepted an invitation "with pleasure" to visit North Korea.

China had largely sat on the sidelines as North Korea improved relations with South Korea recently, raising worries in Beijing that it was no longer a central player in the North Korean issue, reinforced by Trump's announcement of his proposed meeting with Kim.

(Additional reporting by Christine Kim and Soyoung Kim in SEOUL, David Stanway and John Ruwitch in SHANGHAI and Ayesha Rascoe, Lisa Lambert and David Brunnstrom in WASHINGTON; Writing by Lincoln Feast; Editing by Jonathan Oatis and James Dalgleish)



The Daily Beast (RSS)

Did Xi Just Side With Kim Jong Un to Get Back at Trump for Tariffs on China?

No one knows what this ‘denuclearization’ is—no nukes, or Kim not testing them? Whatever the case, Beijing may have gotten its revenge for the White House’s new economic sanctions.

The Daily Beast (RSS) 13 hours ago


SEOUL—China has the two Koreas exactly where it wants them: as supplicants beseeching the ruler for mercy while it bestows gifts and goodwill on both of them.

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un played the ancient role of a Korean king kowtowing to the Chinese emperor by meeting Tuesday with President Xi Jinping, as required in the run-up to a possibly momentous summit with South Korea’s President Moon Jae-in next month. That get-together, at Panmunjom on the North-South line where the armistice ending the Korean War was signed in 1953, will be the prelude to the greatest summit of all when or if Kim meets President Trump in May.

Xi, who has spurned Kim’s previous pleas for a meeting as punishment for all those nuclear and missile tests, agreed to see him knowing this time he had Kim where he wanted him. In a massive exercise in face-saving, complete with a review of sword-bearing soldiers and a lavish dinner attended by both of their wives, Kim had to express his “willingness” to negotiate denuclearization.

By accepting Xi’s invitation to Beijing, as Victor Cha, a professor at Georgetown University who advised on Korea issues during the presidency of George W. Bush, observed, Kim was “saving face” while giving the “appearance of policy coordination.” In exchange for “kissing the ring” of the Chinese ruler, Kim could expect a “Chinese gift” even if it meant a “violation of sanctions” that China has endorsed in the U.N. Security Council.

The South Koreans, of course, were publicly delighted with this show of Chinese-North amity, even if they privately asked what kind of deal Xi and Kim had made—and what would Xi think if Moon betrayed reluctance to accept the “conditions” that Kim might attach to denuclearization. For that matter, Seoul officials also wondered how denuclearization might be defined—whether Xi had told Kim to shut down his nuclear program, including about 20 warheads estimated to have already been made, or merely stop upsetting everyone by testing them.

Formally, South Korea’s foreign ministry put out a statement welcoming Kim’s China adventure, which it said had actually begun Sunday, not Monday, as the world was led to believe from the sight in Beijing of the same armored train that had carried Kim’s father, Kim Jong Il to Beijing and other Chinese centers, including a trip shortly before he died nearly seven years ago. “The government hopes that the latest China visit by Chairman Kim,” said the statement, “will contribute to denuclearizing and building peace on the Korean Peninsula.”

The statement, though, was subtly laden with understatement and unstated implications. What incentive or gifts were the Chinese really giving Kim—and what would Xi do for Moon if he made a deal with Kim with which all sides could live?

Officials acknowledged that China still had not forgiven Moon for accepting the multibillion-dollar contraption known as THAAD for Theater High-Altitude Area Defense—an anti-missile battery implanted by U.S. Army soldiers last year about 160 miles south of Seoul. The Americans say THAAD is just the thing for shooting down high-flying North Korean missiles; the Chinese say it comes with powerful radar designed to spy on Chinese facilities.

If Moon puts on a display of cooperation with Kim, maybe agreeing upcoming war games with the Americans will be the last and asking the Americans to close some of their bases, will the Chinese stop bullying South Korea over THAAD? Koreans complain China is still not approving group tours for travel to South Korea, wiping out tens of millions of dollars in tourist revenue, even if Chinese can still visit individually.

Whatever the Chinese are telling Kim to say to Moon, the hard part comes when or if Kim meets Trump. By receiving Kim, feting him with all the trappings of a high-level state visit even though the official Chinese media said his visit was “unofficial,” Xi undercut any fantasies Trump’s incoming national-security adviser, the famously hawkish John Bolton, may have of telling Trump to stomp out if Kim sets “conditions” seen as “unacceptable.”

Bolton and Mike Pompeo, the tough-talking CIA director whom Trump has nominated to be secretary of State, will be in no position to consider such a dramatic response after Kim has met Moon.

Moon has just appointed advisers known for their dovish positions while serving the liberal administrations of Kim Dae-jung, the president who initiated the Sunshine policy of reconciliation while flying to Pyongyang for the first North-South Korean summit with Kim Jong Un’s father, Kim Jong Il, nearly 18 years ago. Moon himself, as chief of staff to Kim Dae-jung’s successor, Roh Moo-hyun, helped to set up the second such summit in October 2007. No way, say Koreans in and out of government, can Bolton get away with loose talk about a “preemptive strike” on the North’s nuclear and missile facilities if talks with Trump go nowhere.




Why Queen Elizabeth II Won't Be Busting Any Moves at Harry and Meghan's Wedding

Queen Elizabeth II may be a binge-drinking, horseback riding, social-media savvy nonagenarian, but even she has to draw the line somewhere. Reportedly, the 91 year old will be shying away from showing off any dance moves at her beloved grandson Prince Harry's upcoming wedding to Meghan Markle.

Katie Nicholl, royal expert and author of the new book Harry: Life, Loss, and Love, told ET that while the queen will have a "very prominent and important role" in Harry and Meghan's wedding on May 19, she won't be hitting the floor at the reception — especially if the Spice Girls end up performing. "She's going to want to be a very important part of that day and indeed she will," the author explained. "But I think when it comes to the evening reception and certainly the party, if the Spice Girls are performing, then I don't think the queen's going to be on the dance floor."

After Harry and Meghan tie the knot at St. George's Palace at Windsor Castle, the couple will hold a reception at St. George's Hall with guests from the congregation. Later in the evening, Prince Charles will host a private evening reception for the newlyweds and their close friends and family. There's been a bit of back and forth about whether or not Baby, Scary, Ginger, Sporty, and Posh will be taking the stage during Harry and Meghan's reception, with other potential performers rumored to be Ed Sheeran and Elton John.

During a 2016 BBC special, it was revealed that music has "always been a part" of Elizabeth's life and that the she is "a fantastic dancer" with "great rhythm." Despite that fascinating fact, it sounds like "Wannabe" and "Spice Up Your Life" might not be the queen's cup of tea.



    Popsugar Celebrity Prince Harry

Reasons We Love Prince Harry

23 Reasons We're Totally, Utterly, Head-Over-Heels in Love With Prince Harry

March 28, 2018 by Monica Sisavat

Image Source: Getty / Stuart C. Wilson

Prince Harry has been in the spotlight throughout his entire life, being that he is a royal and all, but I'll be honest, he never really caught my attention until a couple of years ago. While I can't pinpoint the exact moment I fell in love with him, I do know that there was a combination of reasons why I did. Of course, I was initially attracted to his royally good looks and his bad-boy persona, but there were also a few other things, like his dedication to helping others and his incredible love for kids. It's easy to see why Meghan Markle fell for him. Ahead of his wedding to the former Suits actress, I'm counting all the reasons I love Harry — and why you probably do, too.

Image Source: Getty / Stuart C. Wilson



Meghan Markle May Not Be Married Yet, but She's Already Got This Whole Royal Thing Down

March 28, 2018 by Monica Sisavat

Image Source: Getty / Samir Hussein

Meghan Markle is just months away from tying the knot with Prince Harry, but she's already a royal in our book. Not only has she perfected the curtsy and mastered her royal wave, but she's already started using her platform to make a difference in the world. According to ET, Meghan has Harry to thank for teaching her the royal ropes. The prince reportedly gave Meghan "a rundown of what's expected," and has been "taking care of her just like [Prince] William did with Kate [Middleton]." So, where can we sign up for Harry's crash course?



The British royal family is a lot of things
March 28, 2018 by Caitlin Gallagher

Image Source: Getty / Danny Martindale

The British royal family is a lot of things — graceful, well-mannered, and tight-knit — but one thing about them we can't help but love is their desire to cut loose sometimes. We know that Prince William, Kate Middleton, Prince Harry, and even Queen Elizabeth II haven't been shy about showing off their dance moves. We even know that Kate can shamelessly have a drink in the middle of the day. And we also know that they probably exchange a few funny comments while attending long (and probably boring) events together. But nothing is quite as entertaining as looking at photos of them all hysterically laughing. In addition to the funny faces they make, you can almost hear them saying, "I have actual tears in my eyes! Look at them! Actual tears." Keep reading to see some of their best LOL moments.




Does Queen Elizabeth II like Meghan Markle ?

What We Know About Meghan Markle's Relationship With the Queen

March 28, 2018 by Johnni Macke

Image Source: Getty / Chris Jackson and Getty / Stuart C. Wilson

Meghan Markle is about to become part of the British royal family, and there is a lot that comes with that. The biggest thing — besides being the wife to one of the heirs to the English throne — is making a good impression on Queen Elizabeth II. So what does the queen think about her grandson's bride-to-be? All signs are pointing to her being a major fan.

Although the queen hasn't exactly come out and shared her opinions on the Suits star, her actions are speaking louder than words . . . and so are her Corgis. For starters, the fact that Prince Harry did in fact propose to Meghan means the world, because he had to get his grandmother's blessing before getting down on one knee. If that doesn't mean the queen likes you, then we don't know what does.

When Prince Harry did introduce his then-girlfriend to the queen in September 2017, sources told Us Weekly, "It went well. It'll no doubt be the first of many encounters." Meghan recalled the meeting in the couple's engagement interview with BBC, noting that the queen is "an incredible woman."

If those aren't enough reasons to believe these two get along, the monarch's famous Corgis are big fans of Meghan. In fact, Harry couldn't help but gush over the fact that his grandmother's beloved pets loved Meghan from the moment they met her."The Corgis took to you straight away," Harry said during the BBC interview. "The last 33 years I've been barked at; this one walks in and just nothing. Just wagging tails," he said, pointing to his fiancée.

When the news of the couple's engagement was officially announced, the queen and Prince Philip made a statement which read, "The Queen and The Duke of Edinburgh are delighted for the couple and wish them every happiness." Clearly Her Royal Highness and the rest of the royal family are on board with Meghan joining their family, and it's all very exciting.

In March 2018, Queen Elizabeth II gave her formal consent to Harry and Meghan's marriage in an official statement: "My Lords, I declare My Consent to a Contract of Matrimony between My Most Dearly Beloved Grandson Prince Henry Charles Albert David of Wales and Rachel Meghan Markle, which Consent I am causing to be signified under the Great Seal and to be entered in the Books of the Privy Council." Some wondered if the queen was throwing shade at Meghan — her prior consent to Prince William and Kate Middleton's union used decidedly more glowing language about the bride-to-be — but royal expert Katie Nicholl insists that the queen is a fan of Meghan, despite any reports to the contrary.

"One of the things I was really keen to trying to get to the bottom of in the book was how the Queen really felt about Meghan," the author explained to ET. "She's filmed some pretty racy sex scenes that we've all seen in Suits. Everything from being a divorcee to being a bit older then Prince Harry, to coming from a dual heritage family, you might wonder if the Queen being of a certain generation and, of course, being the queen might have been at all concerned." Katie went on to say that her sources confirmed that Elizabeth "really felt from the outset that Meghan was a positive person in Prince Harry's life," adding, "That she made him very happy and that she was really very supportive."

Cheers to another royal — and an American one at that!



The Countdown is On! Everything You Need to Know About Harry and Meghan's Wedding
March 28, 2018 by Monica Sisavat
First Published: October 17, 2017

Image Source: Getty / Chris Jackson

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are just months away from officially becoming husband and wife! The couple first struck up a romance back in 2016, and details about their upcoming nuptials have been trickling in ever since they got engaged in November 2017. While Prince William and Kate Middleton's wedding was a lavish affair watched by billions around the world, it turns out Harry is envisioning the total opposite for his.

According to Us Weekly, "pomp and pageantry" are the last things Harry reportedly wants. "It would stop it from turning into a total media circus and give the day a sense of privacy that Harry so badly craves." Still, that doesn't mean Harry won't have the support of his family. According to the insider, there's "no question" that Queen Elizabeth II would attend. Keep reading to see everything we know so far about Harry and Meghan's big day.

The Date

Harry and Meghan are set to tie the knot on May 19, 2018. The couple is reportedly expediting the wedding to ensure that Harry's grandfather, Prince Philip, can attend. Philip is 96 and recently retired from his royal duties.

The Location

The couple will exchange "I dos" at St George's Chapel at Windsor Castle. Queen Elizabeth II "has granted permission for the wedding to take place at the Chapel" as it is one of her official residences.

The Time

The wedding service will take place at 12 p.m London time, followed by a carriage procession at 1 p.m. from St George's Chapel through Windsor town, returning to Windsor Castle along the Long Walk. This will allow members of the public in Windsor the chance to see the newlyweds.

The Bridal Shower

According to Us Weekly, Meghan had a secret bridal shower at England's Soho Farmhouse in March. While it's unclear which of Meghan's friends were in attendance, sources say Markus Anderson, who was initially rumored to have set up Meghan and Harry, coordinated the whole thing.

The Cake

Kensington Palace announced in late March that Harry and Meghan have chosen a lemon elderflower cake "that will incorporate the bright flavors of Spring" from Claire Ptak of Violet Bakery. While royals usually opt for a more traditional fruit cake, the floral dessert is to be decorated with buttercream and seasonal flowers.

The Wedding Party

While Harry still has yet to officially ask Prince William to be his best man, he is reportedly planning on it. According to Us Weekly, "Harry has several close guy friends, but there's no way he would ask anyone but William to take on the top job." It's also worth noting that Harry was William's best man at his 2011 wedding to Kate Middleton, so perhaps he wants William to return the favor?

Another insider revealed that Prince George and Princess Charlotte will have special roles during Harry and Meghan's big day. Does this mean we'll have another repeat of Pippa Middleton's wedding? We sure hope so!

It's also believed that Meghan will likely ask her BFF and stylist, Jessica Mulroney, to be her maid of honor. "They want to involve their friends and family as much in as much as possible throughout the day," a source told Us Weekly.

The Invitations

Harry and Meghan's wedding invitations have officially been sent! On March 22, Kensington Palace gave us a glimpse of the coveted invites on Twitter.

    The invitations follow many years of Royal tradition and have been made by @BarnardWestwood. They feature the Three-Feathered Badge of the Prince of Wales printed in gold ink. pic.twitter.com/cd7LBmRJxO

    — Kensington Palace (@KensingtonRoyal) March 22, 2018

The Guest List

Even though Harry and Meghan have yet to reveal their guest list, Harry reportedly already informally invited Barack and Michelle Obama. According to Us Weekly, "Harry has already told the Obamas he wants them at the wedding but because of the political side of things, like the immense pressure that would follow to invite the Trumps, their appearance at the wedding hangs in the balance." The couple's close friends and family have also already begun planning for the big day. "The friends and family who are going to the wedding already know they're going," a source told the publication. "There are no friends, at least on Meghan's side, that are in the dark about that."

To add to the excitement, Harry and Meghan's wedding could also double as a reunion with one of Harry's famous exes. According to Us Weekly, Chelsy Davy might be invited to Harry's big day. "The two have remained friends long after ending their relationship and still keep in touch to this day," a source told the publication. "She congratulated him the minute the engagement news was announced. Meghan would have no problem with her being there, and Chelsy was on the preliminary list of friends to invite."

But that's not all! In late March, Kensington Palace announced that 250 members of the British Armed Forces will also be attending the grand affair. Members of the Household Cavalry will line the staircase at St George's Chapel and State Trumpeters and a Captain's Escort will provide additional ceremonial support. There will also be units along the streets of Windsor, including members of the Windsor Castle Guard from 1st Battalion Irish Guards as well as Armed Forces personnel from Royal Navy Small Ships and Diving, Royal Marines, 3 Regiment Army Air Corps, The Royal Gurkha Rifles, and RAF Honington.

The Reception

Much like Will and Kate's wedding, Harry and Meghan's nuptials will be split into two parts, meaning they will have "second outfits for the evening reception." There will be a reception at St George's Hall for the couple and the guests from the congregation, and later in the evening, Prince Charles will host a private evening reception for the couple and their close friends and family.

The Performances

From Ed Sheeran to Elton John to the Spice Girls, there have been so many rumored performers, but none of them have been officially confirmed yet. However, Ed did say that Harry and Meghan have not enlisted him since he'll be playing a show in Ireland at the time. Hmm . . . who could it be?

Will It Be Televised?

Yes! According to Brides, a spokesperson for Kensington Palace announced during a recent press conference that everyone will have the pleasure of tuning into Harry and Meghan's big day, just like we did for Will and Kate's wedding in 2011. "The couple of course wants the day to be a special, celebratory moment for their friends and family," the spokesperson explained. "They also want the day to be shaped so as to allow members of the public to feel part of the celebrations, too and are currently working through ideas for how this might be achieved."



15 Ugliest Cars Ever Made


Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. But there are some things that are objectively ugly, that not even 50 bottles of beer can beautify. This little concept holds true even in the world of cars. Over the years, the roads have seen some cars that only the designers alone could call pretty. In honour of all those monsters, this is Top Car Magazine’s 15 ugliest cars ever created.

The Covini C6W opens the list with its 6-wheeled monstrosity.

The car had a decent 400 horsepower and the extra wheels were meant for balance and to give it better braking. The makers were simply trying to achieve functionality but the result was not so appealing to the eye. The other car that follows this pattern is No.1. You won’t believe the insane idea behind it!

Marcos was a British manufacturer that specialised in sports cars. Their cars were generally ugly but the Marcos Mantis seems to have taken the cake home. Fortunately, only one was released in 1968 and it did not even last that long before it was retired. It made one last appearance in 2008 at the Festival of speed.

Troll Sportcoupé

Troll Plastik & Bilindustri, a Norwegian company, attempted to build a car with a fibreglass body. The material is light and it has other benefits such as resistance to rust. The engineering aspect might have been commendable but for the design, the makers of the car deserved a harsh jail term. The car was only produced for two years from 1956 to 1958. The next car is not all that bad it is still ugly.

The Hyundai Tiburon went by many names. In Europe, it was called the Hyundai Coupe while in America and other markets, it went by the name Tiburon. Tiburon is the Spanish word for Shark. They were right- It does look like an ugly shark. If you think this is bad, wait till you see the next car which looks like a hideous alien coffin.

The Stutz Blackhawk was first produced in 1972. Over 4 decades later, it is not clear what was going through the minds of the designers when they made the ugly thing. It was 19 ft ( almost 6 metres) long. Apparently, it was loved by Elvis, the King. It was also quite expensive costing over $120,000 in 2017 Dollars. That is clearly a ripoff. The car maker is relatively unknown, but the next one comes from a renowned company. You won’t believe it is on the list!

PT Cruiser

Chrysler is a decent car maker. Unfortunately, they failed quite lamentably with the Chrysler PT Cruiser. We cannot say much about the car’s performance but we will unapologetically say this is quite an ugly car. But it is definitely a whole lot better than the next demon.

Brubaker Box

The makers of the Brubaker Box deserve an A plus for accurate representation. That’s right – the name is as ugly as the car. It really does look like a rig from hell and it is devoid of any character at all. It is just an ugly box on wheels. It does, however, look like something that would be useful in case of nuclear world war. Speaking of usefulness, the next car is not only ugly but it seems to be quite useless as well.



15 Ugliest Cars Ever Made


Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. But there are some things that are objectively ugly, that not even 50 bottles of beer can beautify. This little concept holds true even in the world of cars. Over the years, the roads have seen some cars that only the designers alone could call pretty. In honour of all those monsters, this is Top Car Magazine’s 15 ugliest cars ever created.

8. Reliant Robin


The reliant Robin looks like a cross between a car, a boat, and a motorcycle. That doesn’t sound right on any front. The robin was one of the most popular fibreglass cars in history and today, it has rightly earned a place on Top Car Magazine’s list of the ugliest cars in the world. It was first manufactured in 1973 to take the place of the Reliant Regal. Although this one is ugly, the next one is actually scary!

7. 2010 Veritas RS III

Vermot AG had not been active in the automotive industry for 60 years by 2010. That same year, they decided to make a comeback, a hideous comeback. The 2010 Veritas RS III is not only ugly, it actually looks like something you would see in a nightmare. It seems they pressed the wrong button and pulled a monster from hell. But we appreciate their intentions nonetheless.

6. The Nissan Cube
The Nissan Cube could care less about aerodynamics, and it most definitely does not give a damn about beauty. It is not clear what exactly the Japanese car maker was trying to achieve but one thing we can all agree on is that this car was an aesthetic crime. The car was first produced in 1998 and to this day, it is still being thrown onto the streets.



15 Ugliest Cars Ever Made


Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. But there are some things that are objectively ugly, that not even 50 bottles of beer can beautify. This little concept holds true even in the world of cars. Over the years, the roads have seen some cars that only the designers alone could call pretty. In honour of all those monsters, this is Top Car Magazine’s 15 ugliest cars ever created.

5. Weber Sportscars aka ‘Faster One’
The Weber Sportscars was nicknamed the Faster One. But an even more apt name would have been ‘the ugly one’ because it really was hideous. This was Switzerland’s attempt to dethrone the Veyron as the fastest street legal car in 2008. The result? A fast assault to the eye! What makes this car unforgivable is that unlike some entries on the list, this blunder was made in 2008 when there was so much automotive enlightenment. The same can be said of the next pic. You have never seen anything uglier!

4. Panoz Abruzzi ‘Spirit of Le Mans’
The Panoz Abruzzi ‘Spirit of Le Mans’ is a grand tourer that takes ugly to a whole new level, an expensive level. That’s right – the Panoz Abruzzi “Spirit of Le Mans came with a £330,000 price tag. Only 81 units were planned to be produced (thank God). Fortunately, the car never saw the light of day. It died a natural death right at the prototype stage. But once you see the next one, you will wish it was never created as well.

3. Citroën Ami

When you think of France, fine taste in wine, perfume, and fashion come to mind. Unfortunately, one of their cars happens to be on the list, and it really is ugly. It was in 1961 when the world first saw the oversized headlamps and a strange new body shape called the notchback. It is the reverse of a hatchback and that gave it a really unattractive appearance and crappy aerodynamics. This one was fighting for 2nd place with the next one.

2. Fiat Multipla

The Fiat Multipla is really an overdose of ugly. Even if the goal was to design the ugliest car ever, no one would manage to create such an atrocity. The car was really terrible when it was first built but it got a little better towards the final production years. The model’s hideous reign started in 1998. In 2010, the Italian car maker decided that people’s eye had been assaulted enough and shut the line down. Today, remnants of the car still haunt the streets. The next one, however, is the finest example of an ugly car!

1. The Aurora

One fine day in 1957, a priest woke up and after reflecting upon the death toll resulting from car accidents, he decided to save the world. He had a brilliant idea. He was going to build the world’s safest car. He did, and the result was the Aurora. We are not sure how safe it was but it was astonishingly ugly.


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