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World News in English. Mashed: Vanity Fair.Celebrity.Lifestyle.Money..

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World News in English. Mashed: Vanity Fair. Celebrity. Lifestyle.Money


World News in English.
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16 Hsting Rules Kate Middleton Never Breaks
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Prince Philip to retire from public duties at age of 96
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The Queens grocer is launching a royal wedding gin

By The Hearst Network Posted on March 23, 2018


Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are inviting over 2,000 members of the public to their wedding in May. But if youre not on the guest list, you can still celebrate their big day with some of the merchandise that is already available to mark the occasion. And theres more than mugs and tea towels to stock up on.

Partridges, the London grocer and royal warrant holder, is stocking a new gin to commemorate the royal wedding this spring. Its May launch date also ties in with Chelsea Flower Show, which will take place soon after the nuptials on 22 May this year.

The traditional London Dry Gin is infused with bergamot and has notes of citrus, coriander and vanilla. Made in collaboration with Dunnet Bay Distillers in Scotland, it has been described as elegant, indulgent and rounded with body and freshness

Commenting on the decision to make a new spirit, Partridges Managing Director John Shepherd said: Gin is a quintessential British drink and as a royal warrant holder to HM The Queen, we are honoured to launch the new No.2 Chelsea Flower Gin to celebrate the wedding of her grandson Prince Harry to Meghan Markle and send all our best wishes to the happy couple.

The limited edition bottle, which is hand-filled numbered by hand and sealed with wax, is available for £29.95 and is 41.5% ABV. Theres a unique way to serve it, too. Partridges recommends mixing this tipple with 50ml of honey-infused, cold Earl Grey Tea, topped up with tonic water and garnished with a slice of bergamot or lime.

Known as No.2, its the second Chelsea Flower gin created by the store. The original version, which was launched last year, contains 19 botanicals including rose petals, marigold, verbena, cassia bark and juniper.

Via Good Housekeeping UK




Photo Evidence That Kate Middleton Will Give Birth Very Soon

InStyle Alexandra Whittaker,InStyle

[APPLAUSE] First of all, I'd like to say how pleased and honored I am to be here today, at St. Thomas' Hospital. To launch Nursing Now. To help promote the vital work of nurses around the world. This campaign means a lot to me, personally. My great-grandmother and grandmother were both volunteer nurses. They would have learned first-hand from working with the Voluntary Aid Detachment and the Red Cross about the care and compassion that sometimes only nurses can provide. You care for us from the earliest years. You look after us in our happiest and saddest times. And for many, you look after us and our families at the end of our lives. Your dedication and professionalism are awe-inspiring. I'm most grateful for you asking me here today to support the launch of this exciting new campaign. I do hope this work will go on to inspire the next generation of nurses For years to come. Good luck to you. [BLANK_AUDIO]

The royal baby countdown is on, and it's only a matter of time before Kate Middleton and Prince William welcome their newest addition to the world. Despite the due date looming, there hasn't been much indication yet about when exactly Middleton might give birth, but we just got a big hint that could shed some light on the exact time frame.

Up until a week ago, Middleton was business as usual, attending royal visit after royal visit. Now that she's out of the spotlight and on maternity leave, royal fans are looking forward to the originally reported April 23 due date to see her again, but she could give birth even sooner. At least, if her hospital is any indication.


The steps of St. Mary's Hospital, where Middleton debuted both Prince George and Princess Charlotte to the world, is currently being prepared for another royal baby moment. The area is famously where Princess Diana presented Prince William and Prince Harry for the first time, so there's a lot of history in it. There's also a lot of chipped paint.

Ahead of the new baby's arrival, St. Mary's is painting the railings outside the Lindo Wing where Will and Kate will stand later this April.



New Royal Baby's Title

Marie Claire Alex Warner,Marie Claire


Any day now, Prince George and Princess Charlotte will have a new sibling-and like them, he or she will have an impressively long, fancy title. Understanding royal titles can be difficult because members of the family can (and often do) hold more than one, especially after they are married.

Since the gender of Kate Middleton and Prince William's baby has yet to be revealed, there are two title options. If it's a boy, his formal title would be, His Royal Highness Prince (Name) of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

If it's a girl, her formal title would be, Her Royal Highness Princess (Name) of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

While this would be the new baby's official title, it wouldn't be the one he or she went by. Royal historian Marlene Koenig told Town & Country that royal children's titles are styled differently if they are a royal offspring of a duke. This means that since Kate and William are the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, the royal baby be His or Her Highness (Name) of Cambridge.

But it only gets more confusing from there. Koeing said the new royal will technically be born a commoner. "It sounds complicated, but in the U.K, the only people who are not commoners are the Sovereign and peers of the realm, [people with titles like] Duke, Marquess, Earl, Viscount, and Baron, she said.

This means Prince Harry is technically a commoner too, and will be until he marries Meghan Markle in May. The Queen has the option to grant Harry and Meghan new titles after marriage.

The new royal baby will be fifth in line for the throne, right behind his sister Princess Charlotte, brother Prince George, father Prince William, and Grandfather Prince Charle



William and Kates Birth Plan For Royal Baby #3
Redbook Megan Decker,Redbook


As one would expect, welcoming a royal baby is a royal operation. From the security detail in the maternity suite, to the precise labor schedule, Kate Middleton and Prince William's birth plan for baby number three proves that no detail goes unplanned when it comes to tiny Palace newcomers.

With her due date rapidly approaching (reportedly April 23), it's just been confirmed that the Duchess of Cambridge will deliver in a luxe suite in the Lindo Wing of St. Mary's Hospital in Paddington, London, just as she did with the births of Prince George and Princess Charlotte.

The royal suite at St. Mary's is far from your average maternity room, a source spilled to Us Weekly. Suites reportedly run upwards of $9,650 per day, and Kate and William's exact room has been on lock-down since mid-March.

Security does regular sweeps of the room, then its resealed each time with tamper-proof tape, the insider revealed. Its a high-security operation. Even the crawl space above the room is checked regularly.

And despite the fact that Middleton has given birth under similar security pressures in 2013 and 2015, the precise planning is only amping up in preparation for baby number three.

Everything is planned down to the tiniest detail, the royal insider explained to Us Weekly.

Per Us, there's even an assigned "baby team" on high-alert at Kensington Palace, awaiting the official labor announcement.

The team (which includes Middleton's mother, Carole), is dedicated to making sure everything is ready, from media plans to security to hospital arrangements, the source explained. Theres a backup plan for everything.

When the 36-year-old expecting mother does eventually go into labor, she and Prince William will drive directly from the Palace to the maternity ward at St. Mary's (which is less than two miles in distance), and notify the hospital just moments before they arrive.

The hospital will get only five minutes notice ahead of Kates arrival, shared the royal source. The timeline is scheduled to be tight in order to prevent anyone being tipped off that shell be leaving home, the insider explained. And because everything is organized so precisely, the hospital can handle such short notice.

For the anxious brother and sister-to-be, Carole Middleton will reportedly jump into grandma duty, caring for Prince George and Princess Charlotte at Kensington Palace while their parents are at the hospital.

Finally, when the fifth in line to the throne makes his or her arrival into the world, per tradition, an official letter noting the child's birth date and time, sex, and weight, will be posted on an easel outside Buckingham Palace. For those of us in the states, a social media announcement will follow.

After the birth of the baby, the turnaround and recovery process is also expected to be speedy. Depending on how Kate feels, its hoped she can return home the same day or the following morning, said the insider.

With birth plans in insanely-detailed order, we couldn't be more excited for the royal family's new arrival to finally, well, arrive!



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The 1 Reason People Are Convinced Ivanka Trump Is Begging for an Invite to Meghan Markle and Prince Harrys Wedding

It seems like the entire world is waiting with baited breath to see Meghan Markle and Prince Harry tie the knot on May 19, 2018. Kensington Palace has already released a few details about the royal couples impending nuptials. We know that it will take place at St. Georges Chapel at Windsor Castle, Prince George, and Princess Charlotte will be in the wedding, and Markle reportedly wants her mother Doria Ragland to walk her down the aisle. However, Kensington Palace is keeping the couples wedding guest list under wraps. Though both the actress and her prince are playing coy about who they will be inviting to their celebratory day of love, it looks like President Donald Trumps daughter, Ivanka Trump, is trying to weasel her way into an invite. Here is the one reason people are convinced the complicit first daughter is begging for an invite to the wedding of the year.

Along with the royal family, Britains Prime Minister Theresa May and other fancy folks, Markle and Prince Harry also have friends in Hollywood, including tennis legend Serena Williams and actress Priyanka Chopra. St. Georges Chapel holds approximately 800 guests, so the modern royal couple has quite a bit of work set out for them when it comes to picking their guest list.

We just hope J.K. Rowling gets an invite, for the culture.

The Obama question

Barack Obama recently caught up with Prince Harry. |
The Obama Foundation/Getty Images

During President Barack Obamas administration, Prince Harry and the rest of the royal family became very close to the former president and his wife, Michelle Obama. In fact, the royals and the former first family have remained so close that President Obama and the prince recently did an adorable BBC interview together.

A Radio 4 host explicitly asked Prince Harry if the Obamas would be invited to his wedding, and he diplomatically sidestepped the question saying that the guest list hadnt been finalized yet.

The Trump problem
The couple isnt fans of Donald Trump and his wife. |
Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Though it might seem obvious that the Obamas receive a wedding invitation, nothing is quite so straightforward in politics, especially when the Trumps are involved. The thin-skinned and childish President Donald Trump is known for his outlandish outbursts, threats, and fits, so the British Foreign Office fears the worst if Prince Harry and Markle decide to invite the Obamas.

President Trump obviously wont be getting an invitation from the progressive prince and his feminist fiancé, but if he sees the Obamas in the presence of Queen Elizabeth at such an intimate setting, surely his head will explode. After all, Trump hates the former president with everything in his being.

Desperate times

A delayed congratulatory tweet might not be enough to score a wedding invite. |
Sean Gallup/Getty Images

Not being well-liked isnt stopping the Trumps for trying to get on Prince Harry and Markles radar at least its not stopping Ivanka Trump. The first daughter sent out a strange, 3-weeks delayed congratulations to the couple which made many people think she was fishing for an invite to their wedding.

She tweeted, Wishing Meghan and Prince Harry a lifetime of love, laughter, and happiness together. I have no doubt that this couple will do extraordinary things, both individually and collectively. Congratulations!

One Twitter user eloquently responded, You know this wont get you invited to the wedding, right?

Fallen idols
Although Meghan Markle respected her in the past, shes not a fan of Melanie now. |
Win McNamee/Getty Images

Ivanka Trump might have been able to garner a wedding invite if shed stood up against her father and his horrible sexist and racist policies. Unfortunately, the Wharton grad has failed to do anything at all, which has cost her friends and admirers.

Markle herself used to respect the mother of three greatly. In 2014, the Suits alum wrote a gushing blog post on her now-shuttered site, The Tig. She said,

    Staggeringly beautiful, no question, but so incredibly savvy and intelligent that shes not just carved a niche for herself under her fathers famed Trump notoriety, she has undoubtedly created her own empire. Its so easy to knock the girls who come from privilege to assume they rested on their laurels and garnered accolades simply by being fancy from the womb. But I always remember Ivanka being different she wasnt dancing on tables as a teenager or releasing pop albums. She wasnt running amok publicly, swearing and being smacked with DUIs. Instead, she was graduating from The Wharton School (cum laude, I might add), launching the Trump Hotel Collection, and building her own brand. This much I know  when we have drinks, I will make sure I order whatever she does because this woman seems to have the formula for success (and happiness) down pat.

Were just going to take a wild guess and assume the women never sat down for drinks and that Markle wishes she never wrote those words.

A Trump-free zone

There isnt any reason to believe that the Trumps would get invited. |
Andrew Cowie/AFP/Getty Images

In fact, during election season, Markle was very vocal about her disdain for Trump. During an appearance on The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore in May 2016, she said,

    Its really the moment that I go, we film Suits in Toronto and I might just stay in Canada. I mean come on, if thats the reality we are talking about, come on, that is a game changer in terms of how we move in the world here. I think it was in 2012, the Republican Party lost the female vote by 12 points. Thats a huge number and with as misogynistic as Donald Trump is and so vocal about it, thats a huge chunk of it. Youre not just voting for a woman if its Hillary Clinton because shes a woman, but certainly, because Donald Trump has made it easy to see that you dont really want that kind of world that hes painting.

It looks like Markle made good on her word to skip town.

Taking the high road

Prince Harry and Michelle Obama, however, get along swimmingly. |
Chris Jackson/Getty Images

As it turns out, Markle and Prince Harry might not even have to worry about the Trumps ruining their special day with their faux well-wishes and fake nuclear buttons.

A source told Us Weekly:

    Harry has already told the Obamas he wants them at the wedding, but because of the political side of things, like the immense pressure that would follow to invite the Trumps, their appearance at the wedding hangs in the balance. If they dont go, it will be because the Obamas have turned around and said, We understand the situation youre in, let us make it easy for you.

Its always up to the Obamas to take the high road.




Arnold Schwarzenegger is in stable condition after heart surgery.

After a report surfaced that he had emergency open-heart surgery on Thursday, a rep for the Terminator star, 70, spoke out on Friday afternoon saying Arnold actually had a planned procedure to replace a pulmonic valve that had originally been replaced in 1997.




Pippa Middleton's Father-in-Law Arrested in France for Allegedly Sexually Assaulting a Minor

Diana Pearl

Pippa Middletons father-in-law was arrested on Tuesday after he was accused of allegedly raping a minor in the late 1990s, reports the Agence France-Presse (AFP), according to The Telegraph.
David Matthews, who is father to James Matthews (who wed Middleton in May 2017) and British reality television star Spencer Matthews, was arrested on Tuesday at Pariss Orly Airport, AFP reports. He was reportedly charged with the rape of a minor.

According to The Telegraph, Matthews, who owns several hotels, including the Eden Roc St. Barths, was taken in for questioning on Tuesday by the French Minor Protection Brigade. The charge relates to an incident that allegedly took place between 1998 and 1999 in France. A complaint was made about the alleged attack in 2017.

I confirm that David M was placed in police custody on 27 March at the Brigade for the Protection of Minors Protection, a French judicial official said, according to The Sun. Following his arrest, the Paris public prosecutors office opened a judicial investigation, overlooked by an examining magistrate, who charged him with the rape of a minor.

David is currently under judicial investigation. He denies the allegations, according to The Sun.

David attended his sons wedding to Middleton, younger sister of Princess Kate, on May 20, 2017.
Also in attendance at the nuptials were Prince William, Prince Harry, Prince George and Princess Charlotte.

David Matthews, father-in-law of Pippa Middleton,
has been charged by French authorities with raping a child. He was held in custody in Paris for 48 hours before being released on bail Friday, according to legal sources speaking to French national news agency AFP.

Matthews, 73, is the multi-millionaire father of James Matthews, who wed Pippa Middleton in May 2017.





One of the benefits of being a mature, well-educated woman is that you are not afraid of expletives. And you have no fear to put a fool in his place. Thats the power of language and experience. You learn a lot from Shakespeare.

~Dame Judi Dench


They have been friends and colleagues for over 60 years and Dames Judi Dench and Maggie Smith were in high spirits at the premiere of their new movie on Tuesday.
Published February 17, 2015



Meghan Markle and Prince Harrys Royal Wedding Cake Is Already Causing Controversy

The first royal wedding of 2018 sparked just as much controversy as the initial engagement. Meghan Markle and Prince Harrys royal wedding cake choice surprised many as did their choice of who to put in charge of baking and decorating it. But the couples far-from-traditional relationship might explain their choice of pastry.

Heres how their cake compares to a more traditional British wedding cake, and why some people arent thrilled about the decision or the wedding itself.

What does a traditional British wedding cake look like?

A slice of William and Kates wedding cake. |
Ben Stansall/AFP/Getty Images

Traditionally, British wedding cakes are multi-tiered fruitcakes, featuring dried fruit and nuts, and brushed with brandy. The couple usually saves the very top tier of the cake for the official christening of their first child, because fruitcake lasts longer than other types of cakes.



The family recipe that Kate Middleton always makes for the Queen http://sh.uploads.ru/t/thI9J.gif 

If you think your grandmother-in-law is hard to shop for, try buying a Christmas gift for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

"I can remember being at Sandringham, for the first time, at Christmas. And I was worried what to give the Queen as her Christmas present. I was thinking, 'Gosh, what should I give her?'" the Duchess of Cambridge said in her first solo interview, which was filmed last year for a documentary made in honor of the Queen's 90th birthday.

As it turns out, the best gifts really are the ones that come from the heart. "I thought back to what I would give my own grandparents," said Kate. "And I thought, 'I'll make her something,' which could have gone horribly wrong. But I decided to make my granny's recipe of chutney."

The old Middleton family recipe is for marrow chutney a kind of fruity condiment that many pair with cheese or bread. (You might be glad to know that marrow here refers to a squash rather than the bone variety.)

"I was slightly worried about it, but I noticed the next day that it was on the table. I think such a simple gesture went such a long way for me and I've noticed since she's done that on lots of occasions and I think it just shows her thoughtfulness, really, and her care in looking after everybody," Kate said.

If it's good enough for the Queen, it's good enough for me. Find the full recipe, which was printed in Pippa Middleton's entertaining book, Celebration, below.

Ingredients (Makes eight jars):

4 pounds of marrows, peeled, deseeded and chopped into small chunks

4 medium onions, peeled and chopped into small chunks

3 apples, peeled, cored and chopped into small chunks

1 cup of sultanas or raisins

1 cup of stoned dates, roughly chopped

2.5 cups of malt vinegar

4 cups soft brown sugar

1 teaspoon salt

2 tablespoons ground ginger

2 tablespoons mixed pickling spices, secured in a piece of muslin

How to make:

Put the chopped marrow, onions and apples into a large preserving pan, add the rest of the ingredients and the bag of spices and stir together, then place over a medium heat. Bring to a simmer, then reduce the heat and simmer gently from 1 ½-2 hours or until well blended and thick. Take the pan off the heat, cool and remove the muslin, squeezing the liquid form from the bag. Spoon it into sterilized jars with vinegar-proof lids, filling them to within 1cm of the top. Ensure the rims are clean, screw on the sterilized lids and store in a cool place for up to 12 months. Once open, store in the fridge and use within one month.



British royals go to Easter service without Harry and Markle

Britain's Queen Elizabeth II, centre and members of the Royal family
arrive for the Easter Mattins Service at St. George's Chapel in Windsor

Queen Elizabeth II, Prince William and his wife, Kate, and other senior British royals celebrated an Easter church service Sunday at the chapel where Prince Harry and American fiancee Meghan Markle will get married in May.

Harry and Markle did not attend the service at St. George's Chapel in Windsor, England. Palace officials said their weekend plans were private.

Prince Philip, the queen's husband, also did not attend. The 96-year-old has retired from public duties and been seen less frequently.

Most of the royals walked down the hill from Windsor Castle to the chapel, but the 91-year-old queen arrived by car, wearing a purple fuchsia coatdress and matching hat.

William and Kate also took a car to the chapel, arriving at the church a few minutes late. They emerged without their children, Prince George and Princess Charlotte. Kate is expecting the couple's third child later this month.

Jack Brooksbank, who is engaged to the queen's granddaughter Princess Eugenie, made his first Easter appearance with the royal family. Brooksbank and Eugenie, the daughter of Princess Andrew and Sarah Ferguson, plan to wed in October.




Ailing Prince Philip, 96, Misses Easter Church Service with Queen Elizabeth and Royal Family

Prince Philip, who has been suffering from a hip problem, missed the second major royal public event in a week the Easter services alongside Queen Elizabeth at Windsor Castle on Sunday.

The prince, 96, was conspicuously absent, as the Queen, 91, had most of her family around her for Easter day celebration at St. Georges Chapel today.

On Thursday, he was not able to attend the traditional Maundy service, which was also held at St. Georges Chapel the wedding venue for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle on May 19.

The Order of Service was printed some weeks ago when it was hoped the Duke would be able to take part, a palace spokesperson said on Thursday.

The Queen receives flowers from two girls after the service

Philip had intended to go to the Maundy service but made the decision not to attend because he has been experiencing some trouble with his hip, a royal source added.

Philip retired from public life last year, and it was said then that he might appear at public events alongside his wife of 70 years, the Queen.
The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were there without their children
Credit: James Whatling Photography

Much of the royal family did, however, join the Queen on Sunday including Prince William and pregnant Kate Middleton, in what is likely her last public appearance before welcoming the couples third child later this month. An impending due date couldn't keep the Duchess of Cambridge from honoring a holiday tradition
Kate looked elegant in a classic dark coat and matching hat as she made her way into the 14th-century Gothic chapel inside the castle walls.
Kate Middleton may be about to pop, but that couldn't keep the Duchess of Cambridge from enjoying Easter service at Windsor Castle's St. George's Chapel on Sunday. The appearance came as a surprise, given that Middleton is reportedly days away from her due date and wrapped up her last public engagements more than a week ago.

The Princess Royal and her husband Vice Admiral Sir Timothy Laurence led the royal family down the hill to the chapel, and were joined by Zara Tindall.

Princess Anne's son Peter Phillips and his wife Autumn, Prince Edward, the Countess of Wessex and their children Lady Louise Windsor and James, Viscount Severn, also attended the service.

Princess Eugenie and Princess Anne

It is understood Philip missed the annual Maundy Service on Thursday because of a problem with his hip.

It is not thought to be a serious issue as Philip, who was named as a guest in the order of service for the Maundy Thursday event, was spotted driving in Windsor Great Park on Wednesday.

Last week, Philip pulled out of an official engagement with the Queen and Duke of York because he was unwell, according to reports.

He was due to attend an event at Windsor Castle to mark Andrew's new role as Colonel of the Grenadier Guards but was unable to attend because he was feeling "under the weather", the Daily Mail reported.

He stepped down from his public duties last summer but on occasion does attend events with the Queen.

When it was announced last year that he would be retiring from official engagements, Buckingham Palace stressed that the decision was not health-related and he had the full support of the Queen.



British royals go to Easter service without Harry and Markle
ABC News ABC News 13 hours ago


Queen Elizabeth II, Prince William and his wife, Kate, and other senior British royals celebrated an Easter church service Sunday at the chapel where Prince Harry and American fiancee Meghan Markle will get married in May. Harry and Markle did not attend the service at St. George's Chapel in Windsor, England. Palace officials said their weekend plans were private. Prince Philip, the queen's husband, also did not attend. The 96-year-old has retired from public duties and been seen less frequently. Most of the royals walked down the hill from Windsor Castle to the chapel, but the 91-year-old queen arrived by car, wearing a purple fuchsia coatdress and matching hat. William and Kate also took a ...



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London is now awash with bike-sharing schemes

Engadget Jamie Rigg,Engadget 13 hours ago

How many bike-sharing schemes does London need exactly? Well, at least five if you ask the companies behind such services. Today, Ofo comes to the capital, following a limited trial in Cambridge that began earlier this year and a launch in Oxford last month. Initially, the Chinese firm has dotted 200 bikes around the London Borough of Hackney. Yesterday, European outfit Urbo announced it was also arriving in London this month, putting 250 bikes on the streets of the Borough of Waltham Forest.

Alongside London's 'Boris bikes,' of which there are over 11,000, we now have four nigh-identical dockless bike rental services vying for custom in the capital. oBike was first, arriving in July, followed by Mobike, Ofo and Urbo this month. Unlike Boris bikes, the schemes don't require riders to end their journeys at designated docking points. Finding, unlocking and paying for bikes is all handled via mobile apps, and there's basically nothing that differentiates one service from another.

Choice is a good thing for consumers, of course, but all these new London players plan to put more and more bikes on the capital's pavements as appetite for rentals you can park up almost anywhere grows. That is, if you can find a spot to legally lock the thing up. Dockless bike-sharing schemes have caused problems in Chinese cities saturated by thousands upon thousands of the things, leading to mounds of wheels and frames forming at popular hop-off points.


Though the companies in question are operating on a much smaller scale in London right now, similar issues are starting to appear already. Wandsworth Council reported last month that it had impounded 130 oBikes for blocking pavements. Ofo had to seriously reduce the scope of its Cambridge pilot before even launching, too, after local authorities expressed concerns over the potential for pavement clutter.

As the Evening Standard reports, Hackney Council transport bod Feryal Demirci said of Ofo's launch: "We are going to work with Ofo to make sure that users are given information on locations where they can park their bike in hot spot areas to prevent issues such as obstructing the footway and parking on busy, narrow pavements."

Ofo, oBike, Mobike and Urbo all say they are in dialogue with councils, but even formal approval doesn't mean much when the bikes can end up in any London borough. If any more dockless bike-sharing schemes launch in the capital, we might hit saturation point pretty quickly. It seems inevitable, then, that Transport for London (TfL) will probably start regulating these services before too long, just as it now does with Uber.
The Evening Standard , Urbo



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US names Chinese products under proposed tariffs, including robotics, information tech and aerospace

    The U.S. Trade Representative says the proposed tariffs target products that benefit China's industrial plans but minimize the affect on the U.S. economy.
    The Trump administration's stance on tariffs sparked fears of a trade war with China, which imposed taxes on U.S. food products imported there such as pork.

Yuri Gripas | Reuters
President Donald Trump delivers remarks on the Infrastructure Initiative at the Local 18 Richfield Training Site in Richfield, Ohio, March 29, 2018.

President Donald Trump unveiled a list Tuesday of Chinese imports his administration aims to target as part of a crackdown on what the president deems unfair trade practices.

Sectors covered by the proposed tariffs include products used for robotics, information technology, communication technology and aerospace.

The U.S. Trade Representative, which announced the list, says it targets products that benefit China's industrial plans "while minimizing the impact on the U.S. economy." Specifically, it takes aim at China policies that "coerce" American companies from transferring technology and intellectual property to local Chinese companies.

The public will be able to comment on the proposal.

The announcement could further escalate friction between the United States and its largest trading partner. Worries about a possible trade war have weighed on the U.S. stock market, which fell more than 2 percent on Monday but regained about half that on Tuesday.

On Monday local time, new Chinese tariffs on food and other products from the U.S. began, as retaliation against Trump's tariffs on steel and aluminum imports. China's new taxes will hit products such as pork and certain fruit and nuts coming from the U.S.

The Trump administration alleges that China has improperly taken U.S. intellectual property. The U.S. could levy tariffs on $50 billion to $60 billion of Chinese imports annually. On Tuesday, the announcement said the total value of imports subject to the tariff increase is equal to "the harm caused by China's unreasonable technology transfer policies."

Some opponents of Trump's planned tariff action, announced last month, argued it could raise prices on consumer goods.



A Service of Love

by O. Henry

Joe Larrabee dreamed of becoming a great artist. Even when he was six, people in the little western town where he lived used to say, Joe has great talent, he will become a famous artist. At twenty, he left his home town and went to New York. He had his dreams but very little money.

Delia had her dreams too. She played the piano so well in the little southern village where she lived that her family said, She must finish her musical training in New York. With great difficulty they collected enough money to send her north to finish.

Joe and Delia got acquainted at a friends house where some art and music students had gathered to discuss art, music and the newest plays. They fell in love with each other, and in a short time they married.

Mr. and Mrs. Larrabee began their married life in a little room. But they were happy, for they had their Art, and they had each other. Joe was painting in, he class of the great Magister. Mr. Magister got a lot of money for his pictures and he took a lot of money for his lessons. Delia was taking piano lessons from the great Rosenstock, and he was taking a lot of money from Delia.

The two young dreamers were very, very happy while their money lasted. But it didnt last very long. Soon, they didnt have enough to pay for their lessons and eat three times a day. When one loves ones Art, no service seems too hard. So Delia decided she must stop taking lessons and give lessons herself. She began to look for pupils. One evening, she came home very excited, with shining eyes.

Joe, dear, she announced happily, Ive got a pupil. General Pinkney I mean his daughter, Clementina. Hes very rich, and they have a wonderful house. Shes so beautiful she dresses in white; and shes so nice and pleasant! Im going to give her three lessons a week; and just think, Joe! Five dollars a lesson. Now, dear, dont look so worried, and lets have supper. Ive bought some very nice fish.

But Joe refused to listen to her. Thats all right for you, Dellie, but all wrong for me, he protested. Do you suppose Im going to let you work while I continue to study Art? No! Never! I can get a job as a mechanic or clean windows. Ill get some kind of work.

Delia threw her arms around him. Joe, dear, you mustnt think of leaving Mr. Magister and your Art. I am not giving up music. The lessons wont interfere with my music. While I teach, I learn, and I can go back to Rosenstock when I get a few more pupils.

All right, said Joe. But giving lessons isnt Art.

When one loves ones Art, no service seems too hard, said Delia.

During the next week, Mr. and Mrs. Larrabee had breakfast very early. Joe was painting some pictures in Central Park, and he needed the morning light especially, he said. Time flies when you love Art, and it was usually seven oclock in the evening when Joe returned home. At the end of the week, Delia, very proud but a little tired, put fifteen dollars on the table. Sometimes, she said, Clementina is a very dif f icult pupil. And she always wears white. Im tired of seeing the same colour.

And then Joe, with the manner of Monte Cristo, pulled eighteen dollars out of his pocket and put it on the table too. I sold one of my pictures to a man from Washington, he said. And now, he wants a picture of the East River to take with him to Washington.

Im so glad you havent given up your Art, dear, Delia said. You are sure to win! Thirty-three dollars! We have never had so much money to spend.

The next Saturday evening, Joe came home first. He put his money on the table and then washed what seemed to look like a lot of paint from his hands. Half an hour later, Delia arrived. There was a big bandage on her right hand. Dellie, dear, what has happened? What is the matter with your hand? Joe asked.

Delia laughed, but not very happily. Clementina, she explained, asked me to have lunch with her and the General af ter our lesson. Shes not very strong, you know, and when she was giving me some tea, her hand shook and she spilled a lot of very hot water over my hand. But General Pinkney bandaged my hand himself. They were both so sorry. Oh, Joe, did you sell another picture? She had seen the money on the table.

Yes, said Joe. To the man from Washington. What time this afternoon did you burn your hand, Dellie?

Five oclock, I think, said Delia. The iron the water was very hot. And Clementina cried, and General Pinkney

Joe put his arms round Delia. Where are you working, Dellie? Tell me, he asked in a serious voice.

Delia was about to say something, but-suddenly tears appeared in her eyes and she began to cry. I couldnt get any pupils, she said. And I didnt want you to stop taking lessons, so I got a job ironing shirts in the big laundry on Twenty-Fourth Street. This afternoon, I burned my hand with a hot iron. Dont be angry with me, Joe. I did it for your Art. And now, you have painted those pictures for the rrian from Washington

He isnt from Washington, said Joe slowly.

It makes no difference where he is from, said Delia. How clever you are, Joe! How did you guess that I wasnt giving music lessons?

I guessed, Joe said, because about five oclock this afternoon, I sent some oil up to the ironing-room. They said a girl had burned her hand. You see, dear, I work as a mechanic in that same laundry on Twenty-Fourth Street.

And the man from Washington?

Yes, dear, Joe said. The man from Washington and General Pinkney are both creations of the same art, but you cannot call it painting or music. And they both began to laugh.

You know, dear, Joe said. When one loves ones Art, no service seems

But Delia stopped him with her hand on his mouth. No, she said, just when one loves.



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