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English pages for Kids and Children.

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English pages for Kids and Children.

Babs Bell (Bishop) Hajdusiewicz and her books

Bestselling author Babs Bell Hajdusiewicz

Bestselling author Babs Bell Hajdusiewicz, Ms.Ed. is the author of more than 100 books and 350 poems for children, including: Don’t Go Out in Your Underwear!; Phonics through Poetry: Teaching Phonemic Awareness Using Poetry; MORE Phonics through Poetry: Teaching Phonemic Awareness Using Poetry; Rhythm & Rhyme Reader Series; Questions and Answers Series; Jacks and More Jacks, Words! Words! Words!; Words and More Words. She is also author of Steppingstone Stories Series; Peaceful Me and Sometimes I Feel Happy, Sometimes I Feel Sad; three Poetry Works! collections for early childhood through intermediate grades; middle-grades biography Mary Carter Smith: African-American Storyteller; and the Dainty Dinosaur Series.

Hajdusiewicz stars in the Wright Group staff-development video Developing Oral Language and Phonemic Awareness through Rhythm and Rhyme. She has written numerous children's stories, articles for teachers and parents, and has contributed to and edited many elementary textbooks.

An educator for 40 years, Hajdusiewicz taught early childhood, elementary, and special education at all levels, served school districts in Indiana and Michigan as director of special education, and taught graduate and undergraduate education courses at Eastern Michigan and Cleveland State Universities. She founded Booking the Future: Reader to Reader™, a community-involvement literacy program that placed books in the hands and homes of more than 16,000 four, five, and six year olds, and Pee Wee Poetry™, a language development program for children aged two through nine. Hajdusiewicz is a frequent conference keynoter for educators and parents and a popular visiting author in schools across the country and abroad.

Specialties: Poetry for kids; humor; parenting for literacy; school staff development; author of numerous classroom materials; emphasis on phonemic awareness before phonics instruction; building love of learning from infancy onward

(Babs Bell Hajdusiewicz живет и работает в Атланте, штат Джорджия. Она написала более 100 книг и 350 стишков для детей. Своими книгами она предоставляет советы, консультации и материал для воспитателей, чтобы они чувствовали себя уверенно в том, что они помогают детям в период их раннего развития и становления их устной речи. Учителя английского языка могут использовать стихи для изучения языка в целом. Родители могут читать эти нехитрые стихи своим детям и помогать им изучать английский язык.)


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песни из мульфильмов
видео на английском языке
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интересные рассказы и стихи в оригинале для детей

Reading Comprehension for Kids

Reading Comprehension is suitable for Kindergarten students or beginning readers.
This product is helping children to sharpen reading and comprehension.


Gather around and listen well, for we have a fabled story to tell. Today is National Tell a Fairy Tale Day and a great opportunity to read to your kids. We are encouraged to explore myths, fantasy and fables, old, new or imagined by you on the spot. A fairy tale is a fictional story that may feature fairies, trolls, giants and talking animals. These stories often include enchantments and far-fetched events.




Katherine Owen saved to History
From one of my favorite books as a small child. "Childcraft Poems of Early Childhood, Volume One, 1949." Art by Leonard Wisegard



From Dean's Treasury Nursery Rhymes by twins Janet and Grahame Johnstone






English rhymes for children

My cat   http://s9.uploads.ru/t/F5pWP.gif

My cat is fat,
My cat is black.
My cat likes rats,
Thin and fat.



English saying

Every cloud has a silver lining.



Maleena Jones saved to Nursery rhyme book
I chose this Nursery Rhyme as it reminds me of a playstation game I use to play when I was younger called buzz it was a game about monkeys. This nursery rhyme to me is about following instructions given to you and listening to what you are told. © Copyright SparkleBox Teacher Resources (UK) Ltd



Jodie Robinson
Jodie Robinson saved to CHILDCARE
nursery Rhymes Five Little Speckled Frogs



Poems by Babs Bell Hajdusiewicz

Me a Mess?  http://s8.uploads.ru/t/zRuJs.gif

Unclean and unbuckled.
Unfastened, untied.
Unfit to be seen.
I'm undignified.
Unfolded, unbuttoned.
Unbecoming, no less.
Unfortunately, I'm
Unaware I'm a mess.



A Teeny Tiny Teacher saved to Songs & Rhymes in the Classroom
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А как сказать по-английски "Собака точка ру"?

@.ru  по-английски: at point(dot) ru



Babs Bell (Bishop) Hajdusiewicz

I can't make this seesaw go,
Who will help me?

I can't make this seesaw go.
I need  your help.
Will you help me?

I would if I could. but I can't.
I am too heavy for you.
Here comes Turtle.
Maybe she can help us.

We can't make this seesaw go.
We need your help.
Will you help  us?

I would if I could. but I can't.
You and I are too heavy for Monkey.
Here comes Wolf.
Maybe she can help us.

We can't make this seesaw go.
We need your help.
Will you help  us?

I would if I could. but I can't.
Monkey and I are too heavy for you and Turtle.
Here comes Porcupine and Bat and Alligator.
Maybe they can help us.

We can't make this seesaw go.
We need your help.
Will you help  us?

We would if we could, but we can't.
Here comes Bird.
Maybe she can help us.

We can't make this seesaw go.
We need your help.
Will you help  us?

I would if I could, but I can't.

Bird! Bird!
Please come back!
I know how you can help us.

I would if I could...

and I can...

and I did!



Quotes about Life







Audrey Hepburn

"As the years go on, you see changes in yourself, but you’ve got to face that - everyone goes through it… Either you have to face up to it and tell yourself you’re not going to be eighteen all your life, or be prepared for a terrible shock when you see the wrinkles and white hair. Getting older doesn’t frighten me, but I wish I didn’t have to because I like life a lot."



Gregory Peck

Born Eldred Gregory Peck on April 5, 1916 in La Jolla, CA
Died June 12, 2003 in Holmby Hills, CA

Over nearly six decades, Gregory Peck was a major star and top box-office draw. He was classically handsome — tall, lean and chiseled — his voice a sonorous mix of strength and tenderness.

Although a young, beginning actor, Peck was nominated for a lead actor Oscar four times early in his career — as a missionary in China in "The Keys of the Kingdom" (1944), a taciturn father in "The Yearling" (1946), a reporter battling anti-Semitism in "Gentleman's Agreement" (1947) and as a psychologically tormented aviator in "Twelve O'Clock High" (1949). But it wasn't until he portrayed an older, white Southern lawyer defending a black man accused of rape in "To Kill a Mockingbird" in 1962 that he took home an Oscar.

As one of the last giants from the Golden Era of Hollywood, he was known for his charitable and political fundraising and other humanitarian efforts.

His characters were mostly charming but occasionally chilling. He played a penniless freelance reporter in the Eternal City who sweeps a princess, played by Audrey Hepburn, off her feet in "Roman Holiday" (1953). But he also relished playing the bad guy, like the hot-tempered rancher's son in "Duel in the Sun" (1946), the obsessed Captain Ahab in "Moby Dick" (1956) and Nazi war criminal Dr. Josef Mengele in "The Boys From Brazil" (1978).

He served as president of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences three times (1967-70), and in 1971 headed the Motion Picture and Television Relief Fund, which helps house and care for aging film workers.

— Myrna Oliver, Robert W. Welkos and Susan King in the Los Angeles Times June 13, 2003



Made from seasoned solid English oak, this beautiful table lamp is made by us in our New Purpose Design workshop. The oak is wind fallen timber and has been seasoning for over 6 years. The wood has developed cracks as it has dried which adds to the character of the piece. Please note the shade is not included as it is for display only. We have added reclaimed steel strapping and our handmade decorative studs which hold the strapping securely in place. The lamp has a copper pipe stem and brass switched fitting. Each one of our lamps is unique as no 2 pieces of wood are the same, you will not be disappointed with this piece. Dimensions : Height of wooden base 22cm, Height including brass fitting 35cm, width is 18cm at it's widest point and 11cm deep. The oak and steel have both been finished with briwax and 4 rubber feet have been added to the base. PLEASE NOTE : The postage prices quoted are for delivery within England. There is an extra charge for the Scottish Highlands and Islands, channel Islands and Ireland.We will find the best price for these areas for you, just send a message with your postcode. Thank you for taking the time today to look at our item, please check out our other products in our Etsy shop.




Poetry and Fingerplays



This stunning, vintage table lamp began its life as a 1950's meat grinder. We have transformed it into a desk lamp, all the bare metal was cleaned and then 5 coats of black paint was applied. Paired with an Edison light bulb and Red cotton fabric cable all the way from Milan. All our lamps are PAT tested A great conversation piece and most definitely a compliment to any minimalist, industrial home or office décor. Lamp measures 14.5'' tall and is 4" wide. Length is 10".



Poems by Babs Bell Hajdusiewicz



My hand went up. I wanted to say
the funniest thing that had happened today.
I waited and waited and waited until
the others were finished, and all was still.

But when they were finished -
Oh. golly!
Oh. gee!
I couldn't remember what had happened to me!  http://s8.uploads.ru/t/VfBIm.gif



Big Ben

Big Ben, London, England

What is Big Ben?

Big Ben is one of the most famous landmarks in the world. It is the clock tower. The name Big Ben is often used to describe the clock tower that is part of the Palace of Westminster.

Officially "Big Ben" does not refer to the clock tower but instead to the huge thirteen ton Great Bell located at the top of the 320-foot-high tower

The clock tower is now called The Elizabeth Tower. It was called St Stephen's Tower by Victorian journalists. They referred to anything to do with the House of Commons as news from 'St Stephens', as originally MP's used to sit in St Stephen's Hall.

Where is Big Ben located?

Big Ben, London, England

Big Ben is situated on the banks of the River Thames on the north side of the Houses of Parliament in Westminster, London.

How heavy is Big Ben bell?

The Big Ben bell has the following measurements:

9'-0" diameter, 7'-6" high, and weighs 13 tons 10 cwts 3 qtrs 15lbs (13,760 Kg)

When can we hear the bell ring?

Big Ben chimes every 15 minutes and the sound can be heard for a radius of up to 5 miles.

Quick Facts about Big Ben


Big Ben is the world's largest four-faced chiming clock.

The clock became operational on 7th September 1859.

The four faces of the clock are 55 meters above ground.

The clock faces are 23 feet (7m) in diameter.

The hour hand is 9 ft (2.7m) long, and the minute hand is 14 ft (4.3m) long.

The pendulum is 3.9m long, weighs 300Kg and beats once every 2 seconds.

At the base of each clock face is a Latin inscription, in gilt letters. It reads -

“Domine salvam fac Reginam nostrum Victoriam Primam”
"O Lord, keep safe our Queen Victoria the First"

The clock tower is the focus of New Year celebrations in the United Kingdom, with radio and TV stations tuning to its chimes to welcome the start of the year.

On Remembrance Day, the chimes of Big Ben are broadcast to mark the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month.

A light in the clock tower tells when the House of Commons is in session.